Institutional Assessment

Institutional assessment is the process that supports the institutions’ answer to the question of institutional effectiveness: How well are we achieving our mission and goals?

To support the mission of United Tribes Technical College (UTTC), the Office of Institutional Assessment (OIA) endeavors to increase the quality of education and services offered to our students. By providing support for assessment and evaluation
of both academic programs and administrative units, the OIA provides evidence of continuous improvement and ensures that the college is effectively accomplishing its mission. The process of assessment at UTTC is a continuous cycle of improvement,
as the graphic illustrates.

Office of Institutional Assessment Goals & Objectives

The Office of Institutional Assessment (OIA) identifies the following goals and objectives:

  1. Provide timely and accurate institutional data to internal and external stakeholders.
    1. Submit all reports and data for which the OIA is responsible to federal and state agencies by the required due date.
    2. Provide timely responses to all internal or external requests for institutional data.
  2. Provide analyses designed to answer critical questions regarding mission-related institutional performance.
    1. Conduct analysis designed to answer questions regarding overall institutional goals, specific programs, activities, or initiatives.
    2. Coordinate compliance with the requirements of the Higher Learning Commission institutional effectiveness standards.
  3. Provide administrative support for institutional effectiveness activities, specifically evaluation of departments, academic program reviews and assessment of student learning activities.
    1. Provide support for the administration, scoring, and interpretation of surveys utilized for department evaluation.
    2. Coordinate the academic program review process with appropriate academic personnel.
    3. Coordinate and serve as a consultant for student learning outcomes assessment activities and reporting associated with those activities.

Data Request Form

For all data requests, please download and fill out the request form below. Requests will generally be answered within one week; depending on complexity. All requests must adhere to guidelines set forth by the Family Educational Rights and
Privacy Act (FERPA).

Assessment of Student Learning

Assessment of student learning is the systematic process of gathering, interpreting, and using information regarding student academic performance for the purpose of improving student learning and the quality of academic programs.
In order to do this, outcomes processes have been developed at the institutional, program, and course levels. The outcomes are living documents that evolve as needed. The three levels of outcomes are distinguished below:

Institutional learner outcomes (ILOs) are overarching principles or concepts that are emphasized throughout many courses in all programs at UTTC. They define exactly what we would like all UTTC students to be able to do by
the time they graduate.

Program goals are learning outcomes that are emphasized and reinforced throughout several courses in a specific program of study. They define exactly what we would like students to be able to do upon completion of a program
of study at UTTC.

Course objectives are the outcomes we would like students to be able to do by the end of a specific course. They are unique to a specific course.

Program Review Cycle

The Academic Program Review Cycle provides each academic department with the opportunity to participate in a continuous and thorough analysis of a program’s strengths, weaknesses, and plans for improvement. The process is reflective, in that each
department will examine prior review information, and determine if the recommended changes resulted in measurable improvements. At the same time, the review process is proactive, as current data will identify areas for change and emerging
trends which may require curriculum changes. Finally, the process is cyclical, with regular comprehensive reviews becoming a critical function within the department.

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