UTTC students work at the computer lab located at the Jack Barden Center

Beginning in fall 2016, the Business & Office Technology department will become the Computer Information Specialist (CIS) department. Two programs, Information Processing Specialist (IPS) and Computer Information Technology (CIT), will be offered by this department.


Computer Information Technology AAS Degree

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Computer Information Technology AAS degree program will:

  1. Apply skills in computer programming.
  2. Administer a computer network environment.
  3. Exhibit skills of Information Technology professionals.


Computer Information Technology AAS Degree Plan

Core Courses (36 credits)

  • BOT 257 3cr. Database Management
  • CIS 128 4cr. Microcomputer Hardware
  • CIS 164 4cr. Networking Fundamentals I
  • CIS 165 4cr. Networking Fundamentals II
  • CIS 180 3cr. Creating Web Pages I
  • CIS 212 3cr. Microsoft Windows Operating Sys. Client
  • CIS 215 4cr. Imp. MS Windows Server Environment
  • CIS 216 4cr. Imp. MS Network Infrastructure
  • CIS 255 4cr. Computer and Network Security
  • CIS 260 3cr. Fundamentals of Wireless Technology


Course Offerings

Course Code Course Description Credits
Fall Offerings
CIS 128 Microcomputer Hardware 4
CIS 164 Networking Fundamentals I 4
BOT 257 Database Management 3
CIS 215 Implementing Windows Server Environment 4
CIS 180 Creating Web Pages I 3
Spring Offerings
CIS 165 Networking Fundamentals II 4
CIS 212 Microsoft Windows System Chat 3
CSC 172 Visual Basic I 3
CSC 216 Implement a Microsoft Windows Network Infrastructure 4
CIS 255 Computer Network and Security 4
CIS 260 Fundamentals of Wireless Technology 3

For More Information Contact:

Dennis Lowman
Information Technology Instructor
Email: dlowman@uttc.edu
Phone: 701.221-1588