UTTC students partipate in the Health Fair

The Nutrition and Foodservice Department (NUT) at United Tribes Technical College offers two AAS degrees, one in Culinary Arts/Foodservice and a new degree in Community Health with an emphasis in nutrition. Both degree plans support cultural connections to Mother Earth through gathering and growing foods, health education messages, and food-related stories. A certificate in Culinary Arts/Foodservice is also available.

Both degrees and the certificate allow students to earn the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe credential. The Nutrition and Foodservice Department collaborates with UTTC's Land Grant Extension Programs. This relationship provides students opportunities for hands-on experience and mentoring from community educators.

A UTTC student makes healthy food choices by reaching for a basket of fruit

Community Health AAS Degree

The Community Health students gain skills necessary to educate people in areas of nutrition, health, and wellness. The degree plan emphasis is on food systems, family living, health care systems, partnerships and coalition building. Students learn about advocacy for policy, systems and environmental change, needed to make the healthy choice the easy choice, and the expected community norm. Graduates are prepared to work with Extension, WIC, Food Distribution Programs (FDPIR), EFNEP, SNAP-ED, diabetes programs, or worksite wellness.

Class sizes are small, so students and faculty get acquainted and work together to ensure that each student has a good learning experience. Practicum experiences with foodservice at senior centers, restaurants, cafeterias, or school foodservice lead to job offers and opportunities that support future employment.

For More Information Contact:

Annette Broyles
Department Chair
Email: abroyles@uttc.edu
Phone: 701.221.1406


Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Community Health AAS degree program will:

  1. Analyze health data.
  2. Assess community health needs.
  3. Apply food safety and sanitation principles.
  4. Validate the needs for policy and environmental change.
  5. Deliver community health and nutrition education.


Community Health AAS Degree Plan

Core Courses (31 Credits)

  • BAD 201 3cr. Principles of Marketing
  • CHN 111 3cr. Lifeskills and Relationships
  • CHN 212 3cr. Worksite Wellness
  • CHN 296 2cr. Community Health Practicum
  • HSS 260 3cr. Alcohol and Drug Use in Am. Society
  • NUT 100 2cr. Intro to Nutrition and Foodservice
  • NUT 105 3cr. Managing Food Protection
  • NUT 200 3cr. Food Science and Cooking Skills
  • NUT 240 3cr. Fundamentals of Nutrition
  • NUT 245 3cr. Medical Nut. Therapy Thru. Life Cycle
  • NUT 260 3cr. Community Nutrition


Course Offerings

Course Code Course Description Credits
Fall Offerings
NUT 100 Intro to Nutrition & Foodservice 2
NUT 105 Managing Food Proections 3
NUT 200 Food Science & Cooking Skills 3
NUT 240 Fundamentals of Nutrition 3
CHN 111 Lifeskills & Relationships 3
CHN 212 Worksite Wellness 3
CHN 296 Community Health Practicum 2
Spring Offerings
HUM 110 Mother Earth, Food Sovereignty & Health 3
NUT 245 Medical Nut. Therapy Thru Life Cycle 3
NUT 260 Community Nutrition 3
CHN 296 Community Health Practicum 2