The Graphic Design program at United Tribes Technical College is committed to encouraging and helping students to develop skills necessary for employment or self-employment in the Graphic Design, field.

The course work reflects UTTC’s commitment to preserving the traditional arts of native people while including state-of-the-art technology with a fully functional print shop. Students will be receive work experience by working on projects for departments on campus.

If you want to become a Graphic Designer, UTTC is the best place to prepare yourself and move effectively towards achieving your goals! Students are introduced to a variety of traditional and contemporary designs with a heavy emphasis on developing their own individual style and emphasis on developing products.

Throughout the course work, professional presentation and marketing strategies are explored and emphasized. The goal of the department is to give our graduates a competitive edge when seeking employment or presenting themselves and their work to prospective clients and employers. A wide variety of opportunities await qualified graduates as entry level employees in the fields of  graphic design as well as the management and operation of a personal business.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Graphic Design program will be able to:

  1. Present and market an e-portfolio
  2. Implement safety procedures
  3. Utilize technology in the industry
  4. Illustrate creative designs


Graphic Design AAS Degree Plan

Core Courses (29 Credits)

  • ART 225 4cr. Illustration
  • LAR 103 4cr. Open Lab
  • ART 230 4cr. Graphic Design Industry
  • ART 239 4cr. Graphic Design Production
  • ART 241 3cr. Design/Desktop Publishing
  • ART 242 3cr. Adv. Design/Desktop Publishing
  • ART 213 4cr. Graphic Arts Internship
  • BAD 201 3cr. Principles of Marketing

Course Offerings

Course Code Course Description Credits
Fall Offerings
CSC 103 Introduction to Computers 3
LAR 103 Open Lab 1
ART 239 Graphic Design Production 3
ART 225 Illustration 4
ART 241 Design & Desktop Publishing 3
NAS 112A Tribal Arts I 3
NAS 112B Tribal Arts I 3
NAS 212A Tribal Arts II 2
NAS 212B Tribal Arts II 2
HUM 113 Drawing I 3
Spring Offerings
ART 242 Advanced Design & Desktop Publishing 3
ART 230 Graphic Design Industry 4
LAR 103 Open Lab 1
FND 293 Portfolio Presentation 3
ART 213 Graphic Arts Internship 4
NAS 112A Tribal Arts I 3
NAS 112B Tribal Arts I 3
NAS 212A Tribal Arts II 2
NAS 212B Tribal Arts II 2
HUM 113 Drawing I 3

For More Information Contact:

Colleen Bredahl
Graphics Design Instructor
Phone: 701.255.3285 Ext. 1419