Title III Part A and Part F Grants

In 2015, the College was awarded two Department of Education Title III five-year grants. The Title III Part A Grant will address roofing, plumbing, and electrical work necessary to keep the buildings functional, while preventing damage from the elements. Streets and sidewalks between campus buildings will be repaired or replaced with new asphalt and concrete. An updated fire alarm system will be put in place, and the College will make improvements to campus grounds to address storm water drainage. The College will also participate in a campus assessment of several of its facilities to determine estimated costs for upgrades, and generate a long-term facilities plan to prioritize and guide future repairs.  The Title III Part F Grant will focus on increasing access to baccalaureate degrees through the development and delivery of one online bachelor degree. The College will also use Title III support to gain accreditation approval to offer one master’s degree program, and the hiring of qualified faculty to develop coursework and provide master’s level instruction.  Additional activities to be carried out over the next five years include raising contributions from donors, strengthening alumni relationships, and increasing the number of scholarships available to UTTC students. Title III funds will support participation in relevent professional development opportunities to improve efficiencies and increase capacity, and enhance the skills and knowledge of College faculty and staff.



The Finance Department provides support services to the various departments on campus in the area of Accounting Requirements, Budget Administration, Fiscal Management of Contracts and Grants, Payroll, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Travel. The Director of Finance also provides oversight and guidance to the Colleges Bookstore and Property and Supply services. The Finance Department employs eight positions in the Finance office, three positions in Property and Supply, and two in the Bookstore.


Property and Supply

At United Tribes Technical College, the Property and Supply Department directs and assists the college’s employees with property responsibility and procurement operations. Property and Supply employs the Property & Procurement Agent, a Property Technician, and a Supply Store Clerk.  The Property & Procurement Agent assists with all Procurement efforts with the members of the college, and has oversight of the Property & Supply Department.  The Property Technician will coordinate with members of the college on all business regarding United Tribes Technical College property.   The Supply Store Clerk, upkeeps and provides the services of an office supply store for the college.

Each member of the college will have a general obligation to appropriate usage and safeguarding all property owned by the college.  Property and Procurement policies and procedures coincide with that of the United States Federal Government and Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Property and Supply values and respects each person’s rights and opinions.  The Integrity of the college will be represented by the staff in all facets of the workplace.  Our business ethics and morals will help us build a strong foundation for conducting business inside and outside the workplace.