Thank you for your interest in including Colorado Northwestern in your giving plans. Setting up a giving strategy is easy, but there are some details you should consider to ensure your family, and your future are secure and that you maximize the tax benefits of your gifts. We recommend you seek the counsel of a trusted attorney and financial advisor as you make your plans. This brochure offers a simple overview of some of the tools and plans that can help you as you make giving decisions.
The most straight-forward way to give to the CNCC Foundation is through simple, one-time gifts of money and assets. You might be surprised at the potential value of assets you own and are ready to give away. Nearly anything you give to a charitable organization like the CNCC Foundation has a tax benefit for you. Check with your tax professional to find out details for your situation. Here are some ideas of simple gifts:

  • Automobiles, boats, recreational vehicles
  • Jewelry, art, collections (like stamps)
  • Real Estate
  • Cash
  • Stocks
  • Antiques

Simple Sustained Giving

The majority of gifts to Colorado Northwestern come in the form of Simple Sustaining Gifts… those are the gifts that individuals or organizations give on a regular basis (usually monthly). You can set this kind of gift up as a regular, automatic draw on a bank account or a credit card and you maintain the ability to change the gift at any time. This kind of giving works great for individuals who budget their giving and they like the convenience of automatic payments. Most people are surprised how quickly a $50 per month donation adds up and makes a difference.

Designated Sustaining Gifts

Anytime you give a gift to the Foundation you have the option to designate the gift for a specific program or aspect of the college. The college restricts the use of those funds for the specific purpose you want. Under most circumstances though, it is best to give “unrestricted” or general funds. In essence, you’re telling the leadership that you trust them to use your gift in the place where it’s most needed. Memorial Scholarships are a great way to offer sustained gifts to the college.

Long term plans

Many individuals have a desire to sustain CNCC and can benefit from larger, long-term giving plans. These plans can involve everything from estate planning and charitable trusts, to endowments and annuities. All of these plans have tax-saving features, and other features that include financial security in retirement. Talk with your financial planner about which plan would work best for your situation.  The bottom line for the CNCC Foundation is that we are grateful that you are considering a gift to the college. Rest assured that your gift will not only help students today, but help the college stay strong for the future.

How to Make a Gift

By Check: Please make checks payable to Colorado Northwestern Community College Foundation and send to: CNCC Foundation, 500 Kennedy Drive, Rangely, CO 81648.

By Credit Card: Call in a credit card gift to 800-562-1105 Ext 3277, our toll-free line.

Every gift makes a difference. Thank you for supporting Colorado Northwestern Community College!