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The mission of the UTTC Athletic Department is to provide students who meet National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) guidelines the opportunity to compete in intercollegiate athletics with other Region XIII teams. United Tribes is committed to the growth, and development of participating student-athletes, the UTTC Athletic Department will provide student-athletes with the leadership, coaching, and facilities necessary to successfully achieve their educational and athletic goals.


The UTTC Athletic Department envisions the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development of UTTC student athletes. The Athletic Department Staff in collaboration with other UTTC personnel will continually work toward providing the necessary resources for student success both academically and athletically.


The UTTC Athletic Department values integrity, a strong work ethic, and continued growth & development.

Goals & Objectives:

  1. UTTC Athletics will have a strong value based emphasis.
    • The coaching staff will actively serve as mentors to student-athletes.
    • The student-athletes will have athletic and academic goals in accord with those of the college.
    • Ethical and value based principles will be incorporated into all activities.

  2. UTTC Athletics will support, encourage, and promote the educational mission of the college.
    • The academic progress of student-athletes will be monitored.
    • Tutoring services, study tables, and counseling services will be available, and utilized to assist student-athletes in the effort to maintain a high GPA.
    • Student-athletes achieving academic excellence will be rewarded.
    • The coaching staff will actively pursue professional development opportunities in an effort to achieve, and maintain excellence, in coaching, leading, mentoring, and educating.

  3. UTTC Athletics will recruit student-athletes who can compete successfully at the NJCAA Division I & II level.
    • Participants will be physically, mentally, and emotionally able.
    • Practice, and workout sessions will prepare student-athletes for intense game competition.
    • Game competition will test the student-athletesí mental, physical, and emotional fortitude.
    • Workout regimens, practice sessions, and game competition will develop, and improve student-athlete resiliency.

  4. The UTTC Athletics Department will comply, and cooperate with all NJCAA, Mon-Dak Conference, and UTTC Rules & Regulations.
    • The Athletics Department Staff will be knowledgeable on NJCAA, Mon-Dak Conference, and UTTC Rules & Regulations.
    • Compliance will be monitored by administrators both inside and outside of the UTTC Athletics Department.


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