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The Elementary Education bachelor of science degree program has been approved by the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board and is designed as a teacher licensure program. This means students who are accepted into and complete this program of study, as well as meet the other criteria, are eligible to apply for an Educator’s Professional License through the State of North Dakota.

The conceptual framework of the UTTC Teacher Education program is based on the philosophy that a competent, caring teacher is prepared to teach all children. We believe that teaching from what was traditionally a Native perspective is the best way for all children to learn. A Native perspective begins with recognizing the child in the context of family, community, and culture. Learning is a natural part of human growth, development, and socialization in all cultures. In many cultures, particularly Native American, the learning experiences that constitute education are based in cultural values of relevance, relatedness, respect, and responsibility - referred to in this framework as the “4 Rs”.

Relevance is demonstrated through meaningful and authentic learning experiences tied directly to state and national standards. Candidates learn and experience reflective practice through engaged field placements in the classroom under mentor and instructor guidance. They are provided the opportunity meaningful engagement and experiences relevant to one’s life and interests.

Relatedness is believing and behaving as if you are a relative to another person or thing. It is demonstrated and reinforced through collaborations with children and families.

Respect is a very important traditional Native value. Respect is demonstrated through student contributions and their respect of others’ contributions. The disposition of respect is demonstrated through courtesy, kindness, and acceptance of individuals and their contributions.

Responsibility is a core value of Native cultures as well as the teaching culture. Candidates are expected to demonstrate accountability for their actions and decisions as they engage in their general education and teacher education curriculum.

The 4Rs are integrated throughout the UTTC Teacher Education unit and program(s) and are placed in the context of a holistic worldview and global interconnectedness. These and other values will prepare teacher candidates, and in turn the children they will teach, to be productive members of society and have a good quality of life.



Elementary Education - (68 CORE Credits Required)

  • EDU 200 2cr. Classroom Management
  • EDU 205 3cr. Intro to Exceptional Education
  • EDU 220 2cr. Geography for Teachers
  • EDU 232 3cr. Fund. Elements of Eff. Reading Inst.
  • EDU 250 3cr. Introduction to Education
  • EDU 288 3cr. Technology in Education
  • EDU 290 3cr. Multicultural Education
  • EDU 305 3cr. Creating Inclusive Classrooms
  • EDU 310 2cr. Teaching & Learning: The Student
  • EDU 312 2cr. Teaching & Learning: The Teacher
  • EDU 315 2cr. Integrated Art, Music & Drama Curr.
  • EDU 325 2cr. Language Arts in the Elementary Clsrm.
  • EDU 330 3cr. Teaching Reading in Elementary Clsrm.
  • EDU 335 3cr. Behavior Management: Impairment
  • EDU 338 2cr. Family & School Collaborations
  • EDU 340 3cr. Elementary Physical Education Curr.
  • EDU 345 3cr. Assessment of Learning
  • EDU 350 2cr. Social Studies in the Elem. Clsrm.
  • EDU 352 3cr. Teaching Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Children
  • EDU 355 2cr. Mathematics in the Elem. Clsrm.
  • EDU 360 3cr. Integrated Science & Tech. Curr.
  • EDU 370 2cr. Foundations of Literacy Assessment
  • EDU 499 12cr. Internship in Elementary Education

Additional Required Courses - (13 Credits Required)

  • ENG 238 3cr. Children’s Literature
  • PSY 230 3cr. Educational Psychology
  • MTH 277 3cr. Math for Elementary Teachers I
  • MTH 377 3cr. Math for Elementary Teachers II
  • GPE 102 1cr. Introduction to Fitness
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