The United Tribes Technical College Maintenance and Groundskeeping Department works year-round to keep the buildings on campus in good condition, and to keep the campus grounds and buildings clean and attractive. With job responsibilities including (but not limited to) a wide variety of tasks such as emptying the trash, landscaping, electrical wiring, heating and cooling, plumbing, snow removal, and building repair, the staff of the UTTC Maintenance and Groundskeeping Department is constantly on the go to help provide us with a pleasant environment to live, work, and study in.

Student and Campus Services policy requires that service requests be made using a "Work Order" form. Work orders can be submitted electronically, by clicking on the link in the left hand sidebar, filling out the form, and submitting your request.


The Transportation Department provides a regular bus service to Bismarck.

Bus Schedule

Student pick-up for morning classes: M - F 7am
Student pick-up for morning classes: M - F 8 am
Student drop-off and afternoon pick-up: M - F 12 pm
Student drop-off: M - F 4 pm
Student drop-off: M - F 5 pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed.    

* Please be aware that our buses leave at the top of the hour. So it will take some time to get everyone picked up. Our bus drivers are directed only to wait two (2) minutes at each destination, so please be prompt and waiting.