United Tribes Technical College
Semester Tuition and Fees

Tuition (per credit)
100-200 Level Courses $115
300-400 Level Courses $200
Audit Courses, charged same as above and must be pre-paid.
Course Fees (per credit)
Up to 12 credits per semester $43
Program Fees
Automotive Technology (1st Term) $1,150
Automotive Technology (2nd Term) $1,150
Elementary ED BS Degree (1st Term) (EDU 310) $170
Elementary BS Degree Coop Teaching Fee (EDU 499) $860
HEO Program $450
Nursing Program (NUR 101) $185
Welding Technology (1st Term) $350
Welding Technology (2nd Term) $250
Managed Housing
Security Deposit (Refundable) $150
Transportation & Parking Service $130
Dorm Rent (per Semester) $900
Dorm Meal Plan (per Semester) $1,642
Temporary Family Housing (per month) $300
Efficiency (per month) $400
1 Bedroom (per month) $475
2 Bedroom (per month) $540
3 Bedroom (per month) $590

* Other costs such as subsistence, child care, uniforms, equipment, and supplies are budgeted as appropriate and approved. This may include medical and/or dental costs.

All costs are payable in US currency and are charged after the last scheduled day to change classes. All cost/fees are subject to change.