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Position Title: Parent Educator Supervisory - FACE Program
Department:  Theodore Jamerson Elementary School
Opening Date: July 27,2015
Closing Date: August 10, 2015 at 5:00 pm
Status:  Exempt
Salary: $DOE


Under the direct supervision of the Theodore Jamerson Elementary Principal, performs all or some of the following duties:

  1. Will serve for the Home-Based component of Family and Children Education (FACE) program serving families of prenatal to 5-year old children.
  2. Will provide research-based information on child growth and development and support parents on how to foster learning nurture developments in their role as their child’s first teacher. 
  3. Plans with FACE staff strategies for recruiting families to participate in FACE program.  Establishes rapport with families participating in FACE program.
  4. Makes home visits to implement the curriculum and age appropriate activities.
  5. Assists parent in implementing activities to promote the social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth of children, ages 0-5. 
  6. Monitors home environments by making home visits to ensure that these provide developmentally appropriate learning experience specific to the home type. 
  7. Recognizes behavior and/or development of children deviating from the norms.
  8. Screens each child enrolled in the FACE program using prescribed assessment tolls, including Parents as Teachers (PAT) Health Questionnaire, hearing and vision functional assessments, direct observations onsite, PAT Milestones, and the Ages and Stages Questionnaire.
  9. Uses paraprofessional knowledge of early detection of delayed development in order to make referrals to appropriate diagnostic and/or treatment processes.
  10. Collaborate with other appropriate agencies/programs.
  11. Helps families to access community resources.
  12. Acts as parent/child advocate. Serves as educational advisor and resource person to parents.
  13. Takes initiative to research materials and community resources needed to address parental needs, concerns, and/or questions.
  14. Establishes and maintains participant’s formation of group meetings, periodic newsletter, and parent support group if necessary.  Arranges or conducts parenting sessions concerning age appropriate topics.
  15. Conducts or facilitates monthly meetings for families participating in FACE program.
  16. Works as a team member of FACE program:  recruiting, advertising, visiting families, writing newsletter articles to publicize program and encourage participation.
  17. Collects and maintains statistical data for planning and reporting purposes in accordance with the FACE program requirements.
  18. Prepares various reports needed to maintain PAT certification and signed assurances.
  19. Oversee the FACE program and act as a liaison between FACE staff and principal.
  20. Conducts staff meetings and works well with other staff members.


Oversee the FACE program. File reports and other duties of supervision as directed by the TJES Principal.


Work in an Elementary School setting implementing inclusion methodology; pull out in small group settings and one on one setting.  Normal working hours from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm. (closed for lunch)

  1. Must be sensitive to the cultures of participants enrolled in the program.
  2. Must be able to establish rapport with families and empower parents by building on their strengths.
  3. Attend trainings and professional staff development.
  4. Treats participants with dignity and respect.
  5. Is highly organized and adaptable to the participant’s goals and needs.
  6. Maintains confidentiality.
  7. Must be physically qualified in performing highly active technician work associated with FACE program.
  8. Must be able to travel extensively and must be able to operate a motor vehicle.
  9. Conducts staff meetings and works well with other staff members.


  1. Must possess a ND Elementary Teaching Certificate B-3.
  2. Prefer BA in Early Childhood Education.
  3. Must be certified by PAT after training and maintain certification annually.
  4. Must have a valid Driver’s License.