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Position Title: Medical Coder, Biller, Patient Benefits Coordinator
Reports Directly To: Wellness Director
Status: Permanent/Full-Time


This position is located within the Wellness Center of United Tribes Technical College. The incumbent serves as a medical coder, performing the full range of coding: assigning ICD, CPT-4, and HCPCS codes; abstracting from the record; chart analysis; serves as a biller for medical visits, and also serves as a benefit coordinator to obtain third-party resources for patients. Incumbent also serves as a technical expert providing advisory functions for the medical record, billing functions, and resources available. The incumbent is responsible for the accuracy, appropriate and timely coding and billing and overall completion of both paper and electronic records, as well as providing guidance and obtaining resources


  1. Medical Coding: Assigns the appropriate ICD, CPT-4, and HCPCS codes to clinical visits. Abstracts and enters all data for coding, billing, and GPRA indicators and CMS and other reporting purposes.  Data abstraction will be done in a timely manner with impeccable accuracy.
  2. Serves as biller for the coded visits.
  3. Assists patients providing guidance for eligibility for third-party resources, and assists in signing up for resources.
  4. Maintains confidentiality 100% of the time in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, the Privacy Act of 1974, the Drug Abuse Patient Records Act, Freedom of Information Act, and other pertinent federal regulations. Ensures safety and security of protected health information.
  5. The incumbent determines the relevance of many facts and conditions such as information contained in the record, legal and regulatory requirements, and other variables: and determines the appropriate action from many alternatives. The employee identifies and analyzes medical records problems and issues and determines their interrelationships and the appropriate methods and techniques needed to resolve them.
  6. The incumbent works with computerized information systems including an electronic health record, encoding software, the Internet, and other software applications. Has the ability to research coding issues and follow official guidelines.
  7. Provides analysis of documentation and coding issues regarding areas of concern of the health record, including lack of documentation, legibility, system issues, EHR, and other concerns. Follows and reports trends in these areas.
  8. Evaluates, assist and educates staff in documentation practices, further specificity, sequencing or inclusion of diagnosis or procedures to more accurately reflect the acuity, severity, and the occurrence of events. Assists with templating and medico-legal questions regarding electronic health records.
  9. Participates in the development of coding policies and procedures that complement the official rules and guidelines.


  1. The supervisor defines the overall goals and priorities of the work, and is available for guidance in unusual problems or  situations. The supervisor relies on the incumbent’s knowledge of assigned medical record duties to perform his/her assignments in a relatively independent manner. The incumbent is responsible for initiating and following through on recurring functions of his/her work assignments, and handles routine problems and deviations using established polices, procedures, instructions, and accepted practices of the medical records management. The supervisor reviews the work for results, technical accuracy, timeliness, and conformity to policy and procedural requirements.


  1. The work is primarily sedentary; however, there may be some walking or carrying of light items such as manuals or files. The work does not require special physical demands.
  2. Work is performed in a medical office setting.
  3. Contacts are with physicians, nursing staff, employees within the organization, and patients, as well as representatives of various outside local, state, and other agencies. The purpose of the contacts is to exchange factual information and to coordinate work efforts and solve or resolve issues of care, treatment or payment for patients.
  4. Smoke free environment.


  1. None.


  1. High school graduate.
  2. Two years medical coder/biller experience.
  3. Proficient in computer applications including knowledge and ability to use scanners, and reference materials for day-to-day tasks. Ability to use standardized computer software such as spread sheets, word processors, and electronic email systems.
  4. Knowledge of third-party resources, and knowledge of how to assist others in obtaining resources for payment.
  5. Advanced knowledge of medical coding and guidelines. Has the ability to research coding issues and follow official guidelines for coding selection and third-party regulations. Consults with physicians and other clinic staff for clarification and additional documentation prior to code assignment when there is conflicting or absent data in the record. Maintains and enhances coding skills, stays abreast of code changes, coding guidelines and regulations.


  1. Certification in Coding/Billing preferred but not required.
  2. Experience in a medical office environment.


Interested individual should submit the following application materials to the Human Resource Director:

  1. Cover letter.
  2. Current Resume.
  3. Completed UTTC Application - call for a copy, or you can download a copy from www.uttc.edu.
  4. Reference letters or names, addresses and daytime phone numbers of three individuals familiar with your preparation / experience.
  5. Unofficial copies of transcripts (Official copies required if hired).