Members of the UTTC Campus Community Response team gathered June 20 in the college wellness center for the start of a site visit and training focused on programs that address domestic violence. Participants are involved in providing domestic violence services to the campus community. The three-day agenda includes training about mandatory requirements and effective intervention.

“Tribal colleges are in a unique position to help educate,” said UTTC President Russ McDonald, welcoming the guests and expressing support for the program. “Some of the things that happen in tribal communities don’t happen here…because domestic violence is not acceptable to us as a college. It’s not part of our culture. This work is so important to helping us move ahead and to heal.”

The work at UTTC is made possible by a U.S. Department of Justice grant from the Office on Violence Against Women. UTTC is one of the first tribal colleges in the nation to have such a program.

Two consultants are featured during the training to provide technical assistance on practices and strategies for combatting domestic violence specifically in Native communities: Victoria Ybanez, executive director of Red Wind Consulting, Inc., and Pierre R. Berastaín, assistant director of Innovation and Engagement at Casa de Esperanza National Network.

The training is coordinated by UTTC Domestic Violence Advocate Amber Warman. More info: 701-255-3285 x 1372,