About sixty people from the community attended Guinns talk about North Dakota bat species Tuesday Oct. 24 2017 in the UTTC Science and Technology Building. United Tribes News Photo DENNIS J NEUMANN

No need to be spooked about bats, even at this fright-time of year. In fact, bats are probably more afraid of you than you are of them.

That was one nugget of truth about the much-misunderstood flying creatures of the night from Mandy Guinn, a bat researcher.

Guinn presented the talk “Out of the Darkness: Shedding Light on North Dakota Bat Species” October 24 at United Tribes Technical College. Sixty people attended the photo-illustrated lecture in the college’s science and technology building, including college students and scientists.

Guinn described research underway at UTTC about bat habitat in the state and conditions affecting their survival, such as the status of the advance into this region of the country of White Nose Syndrome, a deadly virus originating in the eastern U.S.

Guinn is a science instructor at UTTC. She mentors Tribal Environmental Science students and partners with other bat researchers on projects that help fill-in the many unknowns about bat behavior and the good they do for the environment.

Her talk was part of a Visiting Scientist Series aimed at encouraging and supporting science education.

For more information, please contact: Mandy Guinn, 701-255-3285 x 1322, mguinn@uttc.edu.


Guinn captures a bat as part of her research June 2016. United ribes News Photos DENNIS J NEUMANN