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Cashing-in on sustainability
14 February 2013

AND THE WINNERS ARE: Just in time for the holiday, the UTTC Green Committee awarded cash prizes in the Tiwahe Tipi Okolakiciye Project. Two student tenants, who mastered the methods of household sustainability, walked away with the prizes: from left Natasha Cantrell (Turtle Mountain) a Criminal Justice student, and Sherry House (Crow Agency), Business/Office Technology. Along with their children, the two moms-in-chief demonstrated a command of effective energy saving techniques in their campus houses, including water saving, recycling and minimizing electric consumption. “My daughter was so glad it’s over,” said Cantrell. “We had to sit in the dark and keep the heat low. I had to laugh. But we learned a lot.” Making the awards December 12 is the Green Committee’s Colette Wolf, Land Grant Agroecology Extension Educator. DENNIS J. NEUMANN<>United Tribes News











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