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Febuary 19 2014


Science Fair
December 4, 2013
First Place
Ezra Brown, Tornado in a Bottle, Grade 4
Evelyn Big Eagle, Lemons vs Artificial Lemon Juice, 5
Tristan Wilson, Doppler Effect, 5
Aliyah Hopkins, Electric Motor, 6
Second Place
Phillip Laducer, Moving Blood, Grade 2
Sebastiana Ventura Ortley, Melting Chocolate, 5
Lorne Knows His Gun, Egg Float, 6
Third Place
Amanda Iron Cloud, Dish Soap vs Bar Soap, Grade 4
Karl Waanatan, Potato Battery, 5
Nevaeh Bear Eagle, Lava Lamp, 6
Fourth Place
Paige Kills Plenty, Snot or Not, Grade 4
Monica Gambler, Polarized Light, 5
Siavy Yazzie, Non-Newtonian Fluid, 4
Jeriah Clairmont, Glow Water, 4
Wiconi DeCory, Egg Drop, 4
Julie MiddleTent, Gravity, 5
Danielle Morrison, Crazy Putty, 6

Second grader Phillip Laducer with his experiment.

Science Fair Despair
In the past, first place Native American state science fairs winners went to the national science fair in Albuquerque NM. Because of limited funding, this year the national science fair has been change to a virtual science fair.
TJES science fair students were looking forward to the state science fair held January 20 on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
– Tristan grade 5

Donation to Community Action

The Theodore Jamerson Education Association (TJEA) donated $150 to the Community Action Program in Bismarck. Pictured are TJEA President Brenda Jechort, left, and Kristi Splichal, Coordinator of the Backpack for Kids Program, which serves some TJES students. They receive a backpack of food every other Friday to help their families over the weekend. If you are looking for a great place to donate, this is a very worthwhile program and the TJEA is proud to help.
– Glenna Mueller

Disguise the Turkey
            The “Disguise the Turkey” contest concluded November 27 at TJES. Winners were 6th grader Aliyah Hopkins, seen in the photo with her parents, and 5th grader Sean Lawrence, seen with his mother.
Winners received a basketful of groceries donated by TJES staff and a gift certificate for a turkey donated by the TJEA organization. All participants were awarded a bag full of school supplies. Thank you to all who donated and participated in the contest.
– Brenda Jechort, TJES Reading Coach

Students Receive Presents
By Evelyn, Julie and Kari, Grade 5
On the last day of school for 2013, TJES students were surprised to get hats, gloves and sweaters. All grades got presents.
We Interviewed 2nd graders and asked how they felt about the sweaters.
They all said: "We loved the presents."
One student said: “The sweater was awesome.”
Another said: “The sweater was not the best gift he got though.”
We are so happy that the TJES and UTTC faculty and staff gave the gifts. Special thanks to Charisse Fandrich who organized the giving of the sweaters.

Second graders who received gifts of hats, gloves and sweaters.

Grade five receiving presents.

Awards Program
 By Evelyn, Tristan and Kari, Grade 5
            The TJES Second Quarter Awards Ceremony was held January 10, 2014. Recognized were those with perfect attendance, honor roll, Wo Lakota and Hoop Shoot. Reading and Math awards were also presented and the TJES Science Fair medals.
Those with perfect attendance will get to go to a pizza party. Students who have perfect attendance and no tardies will get a Wal-Mart gift card. Recipients also get a pen or pencil.

Science Fair winners and participants
Perfect Attendance group with t-shirts

Perfect Attendance
Not Absent or Tardy
1st Semester 2013-14
Darius Hawk, Adin Siegfried, Brady Ventura Ortley, Robert Stretches, Paige Kills Plenty, Avery Lawrence, Sean Lawrence, Sebastiana Ventura Ortley, Kimberly Nickaboine, Tyler Bear Eagle, Alexander Nickaboine-LaFountain
2nd Quarter 2013-2014
Adin Siegfried, Brady Ventura Ortley, Shane Lawrence, Damon Morrison, Robert Stretches, Carter Black, Paige Kills Plenty, Avery Lawrence, Sean Lawrence, Sebastiana Ventura Ortley, Nevaeh Bear Eagle, Kimberly Nickaboine, Tyler Bear Eagle, Daeshaun Strong Heart, Andrew Lawrence, Alexander Nickaboine-LaFountain, Darious Hawk, Serena Kills Plenty, Christopher Siegfried

TJES Honor Roll
2nd Quarter 2013-14
Trevin Yazzie, Tyler Bear Eagle, Daeshaun Strong Heart, Evelyn Big Eagle, Sean Lawrence, Tehya Little Owl, Sebastiana Ventura Ortley, Kari Waanatan, Tristan Wilson, Nevaeh Bear Eagle, Megan Bercier, Aliyah Hopins, Oroc Iron Eyes, Nevaeh Quarry, Siavy Yazzie, Wiconi DeCory, Amanda Iron Cloud, Matthew Jackson, Ceanna Janis, Paige Kills Plenty, Badger Little Owl, Isabella Knife, Taylor Johnson, Ampo Thin Elk

– Glenna Mueller

Native American Hand Game
By Sean & Tristan, Grade 5
Students at TJES played a Native hand game in the Healing Room of the UTTC Wellness Center. All ages played. The object was to guess in which hand the person was holding a certain bone. But we didn’t use bones; we played with small sticks – a black one and a plain one. A long time ago Native Americans called these “game bones.” If they picked the black one, they would take one of our counting sticks, which are longer sticks. If they picked the hand with a white “bone,” the picking team would lose a counting stick. The team that gets all the sticks wins. The fourth and fifth grades were there. Fifth grade went against the fourth grade. Fifth won the first round and fourth won the second. The person that had the maracas could choose the person that did the hiding.

Hand game involving 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

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