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March 12, 2014


Accreditation visit set
By Brenda Rhone, Reading/Math Center Instructor

           Theodore Jamerson will host an accreditation visit April 15-16 at the K-8 elementary school on the United Tribes campus.
           TJES has long been nationally accredited. The school participates in an accreditation visit every five years to maintain its status.
           The visit will be conducted by a team of educators from AdvancEd. They will view classrooms, make observations, conduct interviews, and review data to analyze and evaluate the school based on a set of standards and indicators.
           AdvancEd evaluates an institution’s organizational effectiveness. Included is an examination of the entire institution — the programs, cultural context, community of stakeholders — to determine how well the parts work together to meet the needs of students.
            Anyone interested in being interviewed by the accreditation team, please contact me, Brenda Rhone (x 1306, brhoen@uttc.edu) or Margo Krabbenhoft (x 1304, mkrabbenhoft@uttc.edu.)

On the Web
TJES is now has its own website. On it you can find the school calendar and lots of useful information for students and parents. Check it out:

Taking the Bite out of Dental Care
Exploring the Ronald Mc Donald Care Mobile
By Kianna, Evelyn and Monica, Grade 5

           We now realize it's not SCARY. The dentists love the hugs from kids. They enjoy helping kids keep their teeth healthy.
           Some people don’t like dentists. Some do.
           There were three women and one man and they all do a wonderful job helping kids. They have lots of supplies only for teeth.
           Dr. Christy Peterson is from Chicago. She had to go to school four more years after four years of college to become a dentist.
           Karey Elsenearth is a dental hygienist. She’s from Bowman, ND, and had to go to another two years after college. The schooling is very rigorous and competitive.   She is a dental hygienist because she enjoys teaching children how to take care of their teeth.
           "We all really like what we do” said Karey. “We help people. We get hugs from kids all the time."
           They do referrals but not braces or spacers. They also do not do root canals and anything serious. They have a specialist to do stuff like that.
           They wear masks and gloves so they don’t spread germs. If you ever wonder where the dentist smell comes from it comes from the chemicals they use to wipe down their counters so they don’t spread germs.
           If you have healthy teeth you can have a healthy body. A lot of kids have sick teeth.

Good Review
           The Care Mobile came to TJES because our school qualifies.
           The Ronald McDonald Health program took about ten years to get the care mobile. Oh my goodness! Ten years. That’s a lot of years.
           The Care Mobile goes throughout western North Dakota to schools where the lunch program has 50 percent or more free lunches.
           The dentist and hygienists help keep the teeth of kids and 0 to 21 years-old healthy. They paint fluoride on your teeth to make the minerals better. They take pictures of your mouth to see if you have cavities or not. You can see the picture. They try to take care of your cavities. If it is your baby teeth, you don’t need to worry about it.
           If you eat tooooo much candy you'll get bad teeth!                                                                
           Their motto is: “Sip all day get decay.”
           We asked a college student who was a patient how she would rate the dental care and she said, “A perfect ten.”

Care Mobile at TJES

Dental care staff

Science Fair
           On January 20, TJES Science Club members participated in the annual Native American State Science fair in Bismarck. Held at the Ramada Inn, students from grades four to 12 explained and defended their projects for award placement.

TJES students that placed:
1st Place Grade 5: Ana for Melting Chocolate
1st Place Grade 2: (participating with grades 3 and 4) Phillip for Moving Blood
2nd Place Grade 6: Aliyah for  Electric Motor
Honorable Mention Grade 5: Tristan for the Doppler Effect

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