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Student Awards
July 1 2014

Presented May 8, 2014, Bismarck Elks Club

Academic Female: Heather Demaray      
    Academic Male: Devero Yellow Earring (Shared with Andre Clark)  
Thunderbird Female: Amanda Cline     

Thunderbird Male: Josh Standing Elk

    Inspirational Male: Waylon Black Crow

Inspirational Female: Justyn Lawrence
Outstanding-Staff Male: Bernard Strikes Enemy
Outstanding-Staff Female: Rhonda Breuer
Outstanding Faculty Male: Butch Thunderhawk
Outstanding Faculty Female: Leah Hamann
Choice awards voted on by United Tribes Students and Staff in on-line balloting

Linda and Terry Moericke received special recognition from the UTTC Student Senate for long and outstanding service. Terry retired after 23 years with TJES and UTTC and Linda 35 years at TJES. Both are well-liked and held in high regard, and continue to stay in touch with the campus community with volunteer service.

American Indian College Fund (AICF) Student Awards
Students and students who graduated in 2014 received a monetary award and a medallion as a token of their achievement in the AICF Circle of Scholars Program:
Wylee Bearstail, BSEDU; Jonathan Berryhill, BM/AAS; Waylon Black Crow, EDU/AAS; Stephanie Bridwell, NUTNW/AAS; Melody Bruguier, BOTIPS/AAS, BOTAA/AAS, BOTM/AAS; Tennille Burning Breast, TRM/AAS; Karla Charboneau, BOT/AAO & BOTAAM; Ashley Clements, BOT/CERT: Chenille Condon-Gates, NUTNW/AAS; Melissa Cook,  CJU/AAS; Marlene Cook, EDU/AAS; Alicia Cuny, EDU/AAS; Gene Declay, ARTF/AAS; Lisa DeLeon, BAD/AAS; Andrea Eagle Pipe, BSC/JU; Kimberly Hawk Eagle, NUR/AAS; Christopher Hilfer, CJU/BS; Erica Jones, CJU/AAS; Brenda Kills Small, BOT/AAS; Justyn Lawrence, EDU/AAS; Mary Ann Maulson, CDL/CERT; Tammy McCorvey, BAD/AAS; Lacey McThias, EDU/AAS; Dustin Milk, SBM/AAS; Vanessa Page, NUR/AAS; Marcia Parks, NUR/AAS; Michelle Ridley, CDL/CERT; Krista Sheridan, BOT/AAO; Memoree Skinner, BS/EDU; Brett Smith, BSC/JU; Josh Standing Elk, EDU/AAS; Carly Sumption, NUR/AAS; Coghen Towry, ENRG/AAS; Theresa Tracke, EDU/AAS; Carmela Vital-Maulson, NUTNW/AAS; Alfreda Wall, BOT/AAM; Ray Waters, CDL/CERT; Eybon Watkins, ENRG/AAS; Caressa Weeks, BAD/AAS; Shealynn Wells, NUR/AAS; Georgia Wilson, NUR/AAS; Devero Yellow Earring, BSB/AD; Corey Zephier, CDL/CERT
– Tashina Dupris, Financial Aid Adviser


Mon-Dak Academic All-Conference Awards: from left, Athletic Director Hunter Berg, Laramie Keplin, Lindsey Isburg, Selina Big Cwopw, Andre Clark and Jerel Wilhite. Not pictured: Antonia Valdez, Cherikie Tillman, Stephen “Chaske” Valdez, John Soundingsides, and Clarence “Chugger” Davis.

Coach Ray Helphrey

Region XIII All-Region: Laramie Keplin, Chugger Davis, Julius Baker, Starling Bolkan

Region XIII Medalist and National Tournament Qualifier: Laramie Keplin    

Two-year Letter-winner: Clarence “Chugger” Davis

Women’s Basketball
Head Coach Erik Abbey; Assistants: Shanaye Packineau & Marissa Laundreaux

Region XIII All-Region: Selina Big Crow and Antonia Valdez

Team Awards:

    Most Valuable Thunderbird: Selina Big Crow 

Betty Ann Horn Award: Antonia Valdez

Most Improved: Cherikie Tillman

Men’s Basketball
Head Coach Kevin Rice; Assistant Coach Delmar Clown; Assistants: James Bagwell, Devero Yellow Earring, Jeff Oster, Wacey Weeks

Mon-Dak All-Conference: Andre Clark

Region XIII All-Region: Andre Clark

Team Awards:

Most Valuable Thunderbird: Andre Clark John Thunder Hawk Award: Bruce Ward  
Most Improved: Joseph “J” Lovejoy    

Two-year Letter-winners: Andre Clark, Bruce Ward
– Hunter Berg, UTTC Athletic Director; Athletic Trainer: Leah Washington of Sanford Sports Medicine

David M. Gipp Leadership Fellowships $1,000: Antonia Valdez and Heather Demaray

Doc Janecek Memorial Scholarship $250: Connie Begay and Jade Thomas; for achievement in science and academic potential

Jesse M. Clairmont Memorial Scholarship $1,000: Logan Maxon; outstanding student in the United Tribes Art/Art Marketing program; presented by Sharon Clairmont on behalf of the Clairmont family.

Margaret Halsey Teachout Memorial Scholarship $1,000: Tasha Bordeaux, online CJ student; merit award presented by David, Robert and Gerald Gipp and their families, on behalf of their mother Margaret Teachout.

Bismarck Tribune Scholarship $250: Kendra Froelich

Tom and Frances Leach Scholarships $1,000

Lydale Yazzie Lisa Deleon  
Melissa Cook Erica Jones  

Wanda & Russell Swagger Scholarship $600: Dustin Milk

OITM Awards: Jordan Davis, Ray Waters and Corey Zephier, all CDL students

UTTC Student Senate Special Recognition: Antonia Eagle Shield was praised by the Student Senate as their “Outstanding Volunteer and Devoted Worker.” She was gifted with a blanket and awarded a mini vacation for her and her children, Tristan and Brittany.

United Tribes News photos DENNIS J. NEUMANN

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