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July 7 2014


Tim Mentz

 INFORMED EYES: Tribal historian and historic preservationist Tim Mentz gestures toward a presentation screen March 27 during a talk at United Tribes Technical College about star knowledge and sacred sites. Evidence that he and his sons have amassed through their historic preservation work in the region challenges simplistic explanations for rock formations in the landscape. Mentz says his work, and that of other tribal scholars, has typically not been accepted on the same footing as those outside the culture who adhere to the old “tipi ring” interpretations. He believes that protecting sacred sites, particularly from wholesale energy industry destruction, requires explanations of the culture that tribal elders have heretofore been circumspect about revealing. Mentz believes it’s time to begin sharing more widely, and especially with tribal young people. His talk at United Tribes was during Professional Development Day. His presentations have been made available to students and people of his tribe, Standing Rock, through Sitting Bull College, Ft. Yates, ND.
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