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July 10 2014

Trustee Emeritus
United Tribes Chancellor David M. Gipp has become a trustee emeritus of the American Indian College Fund, continuing his association with the national organization that raises millions annually in financial support for tribal college students. The position entitles him to permanent non-voting membership. The AICF made the appointment in April, recognizing his long service and leadership within the organization. He was a founding member of the College Fund in 1989.
– Dr. Cheryl Crazy Bull, AICF President/CEO

David M. Gipp

Eye on Energy
Say hello to New Yorker Michael Brochstein who is working as a facility group intern at United Tribes over the summer. Michael will be exploring opportunities for the college to save energy and costs, as well as researching funding opportunities. You will see Michael on the campus puzzling out solutions to energy questions in our buildings. You may contact him at his UTTC e-mail address: mbrochstein@uttc.edu.
– Randy Lamberth, Assistant Facilities Manager

Michael Brochstein

Going to Grad School
Congratulations and best wishes to Barb Strikes the Enemy (Cheyenne River), who leaves the job of director of the Arthur and Grace Link Child Development Center to attend graduate school at Fort Lewis College, Durango, CO. She plans to pursue a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Barb earned degrees in Early Childhood Education from UTTC and the University of North Dakota and put them to work in her home community in South Dakota teaching at the Takini School. She returned to work at UTTC in 2005 and has directed the CDC for the past six years.
She is a strong advocate for children and UTTC families. Over the years, she taught numerous children how to speak Lakota. She also volunteered her time and expertise teaching beading to UTTC students in the evenings.

Nevada Allen (Three Affiliated), a CDC preschool teacher, has been hired to fill the director position beginning in August.

We wish Barb all the best as she journeys on a new adventure!
– Lisa J. Azure, Teacher Education Chair

Barb Strikes the Enemy

Retirement Bound
One of the college’s longest serving and best-liked employees is on the verge of retiring. UTTC Transportation Director Warren “Red” Koch (Standing Rock) will leave the organization after 41 years of service. Red began at United Tribes in 1972 and served continuously after a one-year hiatus in the early 1980s. Red is on the mend from a recent illness and he and his wife Verna (formerly UTTC Human Resource Dept.) plan to move from the campus in July, so be sure to bid them farewell. They plan retirement in Verna’s home country on the Crow Nation in Montana.
– Editor

Red and his ever-present protector Sasha.

Kathy Johnson became UTTC’s acting Vice President of Student and Campus Services in May, following the resignation of Dr. Russell Swagger.

Joey McLeod is serving in the interim as United Tribes Registrar, a job she held for 15 years prior to moving to the Development Department last fall.

Wishing a good and speedy recovery to Human Resource Director Barbara Little Owl on her planned knee surgery. Charles Klein has been serving as acting HR director her absence. Charles is the spouse of Dr. Ramona Klein, former UTTC employee.

Scott Graeber filled-in as director of UTTC’s Transportation Dept. during Red Koch’s medical absence.

Anita Green was selected as the new 6th grade teacher at TJES.

Tammy Seda is the new administrative assistant in the college administration, where she greets people who are visiting the campus and inquiring about United Tribes.

Fire Loss
Cyril and Shirley Iron Road and their family members are slowly recovering from a fire March 28 that destroyed their home in Mandan. None were injured but all of their possessions were lost along with the home they had lived in since 1978. Before retiring in January, Shirley was an employee at United Tribes for almost 43 years. The family received help through the local Red Cross and local motels and contributions were collected at United Tribes. The Iron Roads are a dedicated powwow family that can use your help and support. Pilamayaye.
– Dr. Phil Baird, Interim UTTC President.

Search Extended
The United Tribes of North Dakota board has extended the deadline to September 2, 2014 for applications in the search for a new United Tribes Technical College President. Serving in the interim is Dr. Phil Baird, the college’s VP of Academic, Career and Technical Education.

New Employees
Welcome to these newly hired United Tribes employees: Neal Barnes, HEO Instructor; Carmon Swift Hawk, Admissions Specialist; Brittnee Foote, DeMaND Data Work-keys Administrator; Francine Kochamp, Dorm Assistant Summer; Sacheen Whitetail Cross, Elem FACE Parent Educator; Austin Lamrose, Security Officer; Jody Archambault, Student Health Center LPN; Breanne Erickson,  Human Resources Assistant; Patrick Kills In Sight, Maintenance Custodian; Jack Lawrence, Security Officer.

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