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July 11 2014


UTTC American Indian Business Leaders 2013-14
By Teresa Hughes, AIBL President

This year the Business Department rejuvenated our UTTC American Indian Business Leader (AIBL) chapter.  We are part of the national AIBL organization, which is in its 20th year. Its mission is to increase the representation of American Indian and Alaska Natives in business and entrepreneurial ventures through education and leadership development opportunities.

We would like to thank our advisors, Amy Mossett, Eric Cutler, Mandi Wood and Glen Philbrick for supporting us all year. They were always present at our weekly meetings and at all of our activities. Their kindness and generosity displayed that they believe in each of us and their commitment is truly appreciated. They helped us grow professionally and gain business knowledge combined with practical experiences which nurtured our entrepreneurial spirit. In February, we all obtained our IHS Safe Food Handling certification. We thank Jan Keller for training us and Dennis Lowman for the use of his computer lab.

Productive Year
We had a very productive year!  We made the National AIBL Conference “Priority 1” for our fundraising goal. We entered the Business Competition, an opportunity to increase our knowledge and enhance our business, entrepreneurial and academic experiences. The conference was held in Scottsdale, AZ.

To fundraise, we sold Indian Tacos during the Thunderbirds Hall of Fame night when the T-Birds hosted Lake Region State. During the Christmas Craft bazaar, we held a bake sale and a 50/50 raffle. We also had Valentine’s Day and Easter raffles. And we sold baked goods and slushies at the UTTC Winter Markets.
All of our fundraising brought us closer to our goal of $10,000.  We would like to thank Student Senate for always honoring our requests to run concessions during basketball games and for approving all of our fundraising requests and supporting our efforts.

Committed to Campus Life
We are committed to being part of UTTC community and visible on campus.  In October, we walked in the campus marches against domestic violence and breast cancer. We won second place for our float in the Homecoming parade in October.  We attended SBA training in February, held in the UTTC cafeteria. We had a booth at the Career Fair on March 26.  Some of our members attended AIHEC in Billings in March, competing in the Business competition. Other conferences we attended were the UM-TERM conferences, held in November and April. In April, we met with Senator Heidi Heitkamp to discuss educational barriers and opportunities, and law enforcement in Indian Country.

Marian DeClay and Alfreda Wall represented AIBL at all of the weekly Student Senate meetings and were the liaisons between our groups. We participated and helped out at the Student Senate activities throughout the year. We helped with the Easter Celebration, Student Senate concessions as needed, Super Bowl party, Supaman concert, and movie nights, to name a few.

Future Plans
We plan to be involved in the Tribal Leader’s Summit, set for Sept. 2-4. We will have a booth at the trade show; our duties will consist of being ushers and “Ask Me” people. We will be helping elders, seating people and helping navigate guests to their destinations during the summit. We are also planning to be a food vendor at this year’s United Tribes International Powwow, Sept. 4-7. Other plans we have are to be mentors to the 5th and 6th graders at TJES.

This year we were involved in many positive activities and events on campus, and we plan to continue to being available and helping UTTC in positive and healthy ways.  With these experiences, we will surely be successful businessmen and business women after we graduate.

We would like to give thanks to everyone who supported us this year and we look forward to another great year ahead! 

Congratulates to Heather Demaray, our Executive VP, recipient of the 2014 Dave M. Gipp Leadership Fellow award, and all of this year’s graduates in the business department!  Congratulations to you all and may your future hold many great opportunities!

UTTC AIBL 2013-14
Teresa Hughes, President
Heather Demaray, Executive Vice-President
Lisa Deleon, VP Budget/Finance
Tennille Burning Breast, VP Marketing
Marian Declay, VP Public Outreach
Lynn Fox, VP Fundraising
Leslie Mountain, Secretary
Doreen Welsh-Pretends Eagle, Parliamentarian/Historian
Alfreda Wall, Member
Jon Berryhill, Member
Isaiah Rave, Member
Abdul Rasheed, Member
Hannah White Elk, Member
Amy Mossett, Advisor
Glen Philbrick, Advisor
Erik Cutler, Advisor
Mandi Wood, Advisor

AIBL members at the UTTC Career Fair: Standing from left: Tennille Burning Breast, Teresa Hughes, Heather Demaray; seated: Marian Declay and Alfreda Wall.

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