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July 15 2014


TJES/NCA Accreditation Visit

First grade teacher Margo Krabbenhoft presented gifts April 15 to members of a team of educators visiting Theodore Jamerson Elementary School. The group was on site to validate a recommendation for continued accreditation. A focus of the two-day schedule of classroom visitations was to assess student involvement in their education. The experience gave TJES educators a chance to ask questions and share techniques. It also resulted in continued accreditation for TJES.

TJES officially starts Monday, August 18 for the Fall 2014 school term.  Enrollment packets are available beginning August 1.

Parents, please bring all the appropriate forms when you enroll your child: birth certificate, copy of social security card, Degree of Indian Blood, proof of custody, proof of immunization.

Supply lists are available in the enrollment packets; they are also in the school supply aisles at local stores in August.
– F. Sam Azure, TJES Principal

Full Year Perfect Attendance
Six students achieved perfect attendance at TJES during the 2013-14 school year: Paige Kills Plenty, Avery Lawrence, Sean Lawrence, Sebastiana Ventura-Ortley, Tyler Bear Eagle and Alexander Nickaboine-LaFontaine. Each received a jacket during the year-end honoring on May 16.
Fourth Quarter Perfect Attendance 2013-14
Tyler Bear Eagle, Alexander Nickaboine-LaFontaine, Christopher Siegfried, Sean Lawrence, Evelyn Jones, Avery Lawrence, Sebastiana Ventura Ortley, River Jones, Paige Kills Plenty, Andrew Bernie, Robert Stretches, Samuel Ellis, Adin Siegfried, Gwendolynn Lawrence and Kira Bernie-Olson
Fourth Quarter Honor Roll 2013-14
Andrew Bernie, Ezra Brown, Carter Black, Matthew Jackson, Wiconi DeCory, Adeline Weston, Zaysiah Bruguier, Kianna Gill, Sebastiana Ventura Ortley, Avery Lawrence, Tehya Little Owl, Tristan Wilson, Kari Waanatan, Kylion White Twin, Trevin ¥azzie, Daeshaun Strong Heart, Nevaeh Bear Eagle, Eric Jones, Megan Bercier, Aliyah Hopkins, Lorne Knows His Gun, Siavy Yazzie and Nevaeh Quarry

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