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AIHEC Summary
July 16 2014


UTTC Participation at 2014 AIHEC Conference
By Amy Mosset, UTTC Business Management Chair/Instructor; AIHEC Coordinator

Eight students representing four United Tribes programs of study participated in the 2014 AIHEC Conference March 15-18 in Billings, MT.

Student Senate President Gene Declay (Media Art/Art Marketing), Josh Standing Elk (Elementary Education) and Eybon Watkins (Environmental Pre-engineering) participated in the opening ”Parade of Flags” carrying the United Tribes banner. They were joined by faculty/staff Jen Janecek-Hartman, Amy Mossett and Charlene Weiz.

Eybon Watkins participated in the Science Poster Contest and Hand Game competition.

UTTC’s Business Team was comprised of five Business Administration students competing in five categories: Heather Demaray, Marketing; Nicole Montclair-Donaghy, Finance; Isaiah Rave, General Business; Lydale Yazzie, Accounting; and Devero Yellow Earring, Economics.

Heather Demaray, Isaiah Rave and Devero Yellow Earring all received 2nd place honors. The team finished in 4th overall, competing against 15 other tribal colleges.

The business team was coached by UTTC’s Business Department Chair Amy Mossett and Accounting/Finance Instructor Glen Philbrick.

Critical Inquiry
Heather Demaray, Nicole Montclair-Donaghy and Lydale Yazzie also competed in Critical Inquiry with the topics: Tribal Enrollment, Health Care and Fracking. The team tackled the topic of Oil Development through Hydraulic Fracturing on Fort Berthold with an emphasis on Environmental Protection and Social Responsibility.

Fracking was definitely the hot topic at the competition. Heather, Nicole and Lydale did an excellent job of presenting their case and answering some tough questions posed by judges.

Hand Games
One of the most exciting events at the competition took place during the Hand Games. All but one of UTTC’s student delegation participated. What made this competition so challenging and exciting for the UTTC team was that none of them, except for Team Captain Devero Yellow Earring, had ever played Hand Games!

Devero was an excellent captain. The team made it through eliminations and held their ground to win a tough round after an incredibly long game against Stone Child College of Box Elder, MT. We were grateful for the backup from Fort Berthold Community College’s team and their singers who supported us in our bid against Stone Child. We in turn supported FBCC when they too defeated Stone Child.

UTTC’s team was finally eliminated when we lost to our sister college—FBCC—but it was less painful to lose to our Fort Berthold friends and relatives who we teased and laughed with throughout the final game. The UTTC team finished 8th out of 32 teams, which is quite an accomplishment considering only one team member had any experience in Hand Games.

Outstanding Team
UTTC’s student delegation did an excellent job of representing United Tribes at the Annual AIHEC Conference.  Josh Standing Elk (Coca Cola Scholar) and Gene Declay (AIHEC Student of the Year) attended the Sunday evening scholarship awards banquet.  Josh also participated in the 5K Run on Monday morning. Gene Declay participated in the Poetry Slam, T-Shirt Exchange and voted as UTTC’s delegate in the Student Congress Elections.

The journey home included a visit to the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument near Crow Agency, MT.

The trip to this year’s AIHEC conference was a success and the staff and faculty who attended the conference are pleased and proud of the accomplishments of our eight student leaders: Gene Declay, Devero Yellow Earring, Lydale Yazzie, Eybon Watkins, Josh Standing Elk, Isaiah Rave, Nicole Montclair-Donaghy and Heather Demaray. These students represented our college with dignity and professionalism and they certainly earned the recognition they received at UTTC’s Student Award Banquet in May. We’re looking forward to next year’s AIHEC competition.

UTTC’s Hand Game Team finished 8th out of 32 teams: from left, Eybon Watkins, Heather Demaray, Devero Yellow Earring, Nicole Montclair-Donaghy, Isaiah Rave and Lydale Yazzie.

Eybon Watkins, Josh Standing Elk and Taylor Johnson at the Indian Memorial at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Crow Agency, MT.

The coordinator of UTTC’s team at AIHEC, Amy Mossett, with Gene Declay, left, and Josh Standing Elk.

United Tribes News photos Amy Mossett

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