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Welcome Back!
By Dr. Phil Baird (Sicangu Lakota) Vice President, Academic , Career and Technical Education
21 August 2009

BISMARCK (UTN) - Hau, mitakuyapi!

      To students, staff, and training participants, welcome to the UTTC community for the 2009-10 academic year.

Dr. Phil Baird

      Have you said “Happy Birthday” yet?

      Ya’ should!

      You’re walking onto campus as UTTC continues to celebrate its 40th anniversary as an intertribal postsecondary career and technical education institution. Your studies and work at UTTC this year will continue to make history for the college and for Indian Country.

      Here are a few things to know about the college this year.

      UTTC will be undergoing an academic programs evaluation in mid-September by the N.D. Career and Technical Education department. This event will help strengthen our career-technical education disciplines in meeting workforce needs of the 21st century.

      The college will continue its self-study activities in preparation for the next comprehensive accreditation visit in 2011. There is a revised structure of institutional committees that should bring students and staff together to assess the future of the college. Work will continue in the development of select upper division and baccalaureate degree programs.

      UTTC is also focusing on several expanding areas: college success (student retention and completion), leadership skills development, native cultural education (raising your IQ, “Indigenous Quotient”), community service, diversity orientation, specialized law enforcement training, and research.

      The one significant area students need to embrace is college success. Being successful means making a commitment to your studies, exercising discipline to attend classes and complete assignments, and actively pursuing wellness and balance in your college life and beyond. Staff and faculty are ready to support you, and they will help you if you ask.

      Bottomline: Like your ancestors, you have to plan to make positive things happen for yourself.

      Through orientation and key college events this Fall, you will learn more about what will be happening at UTTC, and how you can be a major player.

      Since your success is everyone’s success, you really do have a unique opportunity to make history, just like those who walked here before you.

      We offer our best wishes in all your endeavors.