Students at Theodore Jamerson Elementary School participated in the Stack-Up challenge November 9, aiming for another world record for the most people taking-part in ‘Sport-Stacking’ at multiple locations on a single day.

TJES added 100 students and staff members to the goal of more than 635,000 people involved in the world-wide event. It was the fourth year the elementary school on the UTTC campus participated.

To be counted, each Sport-Stacker was required to spend a minimum of 30 minutes stacking plactic cups that are specially designed for the ultra-fast sport. Research suggest the activity improves hand–eye coordination and reaction time.


   #1 Cambree Anderson

#2 Jaelynn Whiting                               


  #3 Anthony McArther-Morin and Talon Fischer    


    #4 Jaleo Long  

The winner of the classroom competitions are as follows:

3rd Grade - Girls - A'Delia Stewart, Boys-Jeremiah Franco

4th Grade - Girls - Sage Yankton, Boys - Kane Buffalo

5th Grade - Girls - Arianna Hart, Boys - Lejandro Iron Cloud

6th Grade - Girls - Kia Merrick, Boys - Bishop Maui

7th Grade - Girls - Serenity Eagle Bull, Boys - Alex Aguilar