UTTC Announces Student Award Winners


For More Information Contact: Kaley Schwab (701) 255-1387, kschwab@uttc.edu

Bismarck (UTN) – United Tribes Technical College is proud to announce the winners of this year’s UTTC Student Awards.  The UTTC student body voted on and decided the winners of these awards.

Student winners were announced during the spring UTTC Student Awards Banquet May 4.

Student Award Winners

·                        Exceptional Student: Kristin Trujillo, welding

·                        Excellence in Engineering: Trustin Two Moons, pre-engineering

·                        Excellence in Engineering: Brett Alberts, pre-engineering

·                        Excellence in Engineering: Mauricimo Sanchez-Hohenstein, pre-engineering

·                        Excellence in Engineering: Danielle Peltier, pre-engineering

·                        Outstanding Student: Darla Pikyavit, teacher education

·                        Exceptional Student: Noah Comes Flying, health, physical education and recreation

·                        Leadership Award: Alexandria Alvarez, teacher education

·                        Leadership Award: Shelrae Davis, teacher education

·                        Leadership Award: Alton Nestell, criminal justice

·                        Exceptional Student: Brittany Whitebird, criminal justice

·                        Exceptional Student: Kasa Hohenstein, business administration

·                        Leadership Award: Rollie Knight, business administration

·                        Excellence Award: Marlee Finley, tribal environmental science

·                        Dedication and Perseverance: Bonita Claymore, tribal environmental science

·                        2018 Wildlife Student of the Year: Kimberlee Blevins, tribal environmental science

·                        Leadership Award: Jaelyn Crows Breast, human and social services

·                        Academic Achievement: Chelsea Hale, human and social services

·                        Outstanding Student: Steve Marks, automotive technology

·                        Most Political: Justin Heart, automotive technology

·                        Emerging Leaders: Robert Grady, general studies

·                        Emerging Leaders: Kiara Mason, general studies

·                        Most Congenial: Charles Wise Spirit, culinary arts/foodservice program

·                        Safest Operator: Walter Stead, heavy equipment operations

·                        Jackle & Hyde Operator: Grant Lorens, heavy equipment operations


Athletic Award Winners:


              Women's Basketball:

·         MVP - Mia Wilkinson

·         Most Improved - Danielle Peltier

·         Betty Ann Horn Award - Tariq Brownotter

·         All-Region - Mia Wilkinson and Tariq Brownotter

·         All-Conference - Mia Wilkinson

·         Academic All-Conference - Mia Wilkinson, Tariq Brownotter, Danielle Peltier, Mary Garter, Ky’Lee Driftwood


Men’s Basketball:

·         MVP - Rob McClain

·         Most Improved - Rob Beaulieau

·         John Thunderhawk Award - Tommy Williams

·         All-Conference - Rob McClain

·         All-Region - Rob McClain

·         Academic All-Conference - Rob Beaulieu, Steve Redfox, Bearpaw Mosley, Shayden Keplin, Rob McClain, and Tommy Williams


Employee Giving Scholarship Winners

·                        Kiara Mason

·                        Shelrae Davis

·                        Alexandria Alvarez

·                        Noah Comes Flying

·                        Kelsey Tortalita

·                        Nichole Packineau

·                        Bryce Parisien

·                        Myrriah Gray Eagle

·                        Patricia Lascelles

·                        Ashley Decoteau

·                        Peggy Lewis

·                        Kate Gates

·                        Marlee Finley

·                        Anthony Holding Eagle

·                        Brett Alberts

·                        Jaelyn Crows Beast

·                        Alison Schamp

·                        Alton Nestell

·                        Lisa Wentz