Employers who want to recruit UTTC students send job announcements that are emailed to students and posted on the Job Board located in the upper level of JBC.

Job Search Mistakes

Not Creating Wide Networks

What’s a network? A network is the people in your life who could help you secure the job you want. Use all the resources available when creating your network. Your parents', grandparents' and friends' networks can help you in your job search. Don't be shy -- reach out to any long-ago coach, or babysitting or summer employer, there's no statute of limitations on networking.

Not Being Proactive Enough

You are getting ready to graduate and you are looking for a job, this isn't the time to sit back and be casual in your approach Create a hit list of 3 to 5 target employers, and really utilize your network to locate an 'in' at each. Do an internet search on the employer and learn all you can about them.

Relying Solely on the Internet

In a Yahoo! Hot Jobs poll, 57 percent of respondents said networking was a factor in landing their current or most recent job. Online job boards are an important tool, but you also need to focus energy on networking and making and using those connections.

Not Creating a Personal Yet Professional Resume

Don't create a resume that simply list your courses, the degree you've earned or working on, and your jobs. Use this opportunity to make a stronger statement about what you want to do with your life. Many job seekers don’t think about what they have to offer an employer (as opposed to what they want to get from one). With this mindset, they create resumes that are "boring biographies" instead of effective marketing tools.

Misusing the Internet and Appearing Unprofessional

At some point the potential employer will do an internet search on you. Clean up your My space and twitter accounts and don’t assume that Facebook's privacy settings will hide your youthful antics. Make your contact email address non offensive and professional and change any off-color voicemail greetings.

Failing to Follow Up

It's not enough to send resumes and hope the phone rings, you need to show that you are truly interested in the position and follow up. Your resume could literally be in a pile of hundreds and may never be seen, unless you follow up.

Not Taking the Interview Seriously

Even when you're applying for an unpaid internship, you need to adhere to common standards of professionalism. Demonstrate that you've researched the company, dressing and groom appropriately prepared for tough but common interview questions, such as "Where do you see yourself in three years?" and "What are your weaknesses?”

Not Using the College's Career Center

The UTTC Career Development Center can help students identify networking contacts, learn important job search skills, and significantly improve their resume and cover letter. We can provide you with interview practice and teach you what the interviewer is looking for. Our job is to prepare you for your job search, but not to conduct it for you. By using our services you will gain the skills to get the job and start your career.

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