Creating a cover letter and resume can be overwhelming but you don’t have to do it alone. The staff at career center will help you tailor the perfect cover letter and resume helping you convey the qualities and skills that you have to offer.

Types of Resumes

Reverse Chronological Resume

This is the most common resume format for college students. A chronological (or reverse chronological) resume organizes information by jobs/experiences in reverse chronological order—with the most recent experiences listed first. This format works well when:

  • You are seeking an entry-level position
  • You have a steady history of experiences related to the position you are seeking


Functional Resume

A functional (or skills-based) resume organizes information into functional groupings of skills or accomplishments. This format works well when:

  • You want to demonstrate a clear relationship between your skills and the position you are seeking
  • Your experiences are not easily related to the position you are seeking


Combination Resume

This type of resume organizes information with an emphasis on skills in reverse chronological order. Experiences and skills can be tailored to fulfill the specific requirements of a position. This format works well when:

  • You want to highlight skills related to specific jobs
  • You want to emphasize relevant skills and information that connect your experiences


Creative Resume

Typically utilized for applying to design positions, this type of resume does not follow a specific format. A creative resume showcases a student’s design capabilities while delivering key accomplishments in a unique aesthetic.

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