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Business Administration & Management

United Tribes Technical College

Business Administration

In a rapidly changing economy, new opportunities arise every day for individuals with specific business knowledge and administrative skills. Top careers available to business administration majors include: accountant, administrative executive, chief executive officer, manager, consultant, director, human resource manager, public relations specialist, and many other rewarding careers. Our business administration degree programs will provide you with the skills needed to be competitive and effective leaders in the business world.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the UTTC Business Administration AS degree program will:

  1. Apply administrative skills to successfully implement business strategy.
  2. Demonstrate effective decision making in administrative environments.
  3. Model ethical practices necessary to lead in global business capacities.
  4. Communicate effectively in various administrative roles and settings.

Graduates of the UTTC Business Administration BS degree program will:

  1. Apply leadership skills necessary to administer organizational strategy.
  2. Demonstrate supervisory skills in evaluating organizational outcomes.
  3. Communicate effectively through verbal and non-verbal technical channels.
  4. Model professional values to lead organizational culture and behavior.

Business Management

The Associate of Science Degree in Business Management provides students with a comprehensive background of managerial techniques applicable to virtually any type of organization. Our curriculum emphasizes general business management theory as well as organizational leadership, accounting, marketing, and human resource management skills needed for gainful employment in the business field.

Career opportunities include: administration, public relations, government, finance, human resources, sales, retail, food services, and organizational management.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the UTTC Business Management AS degree program will:

  1. Apply project management practices to succeed in business.
  2. Demonstrate decision-making abilities in strategic management.
  3. Exemplify professional skills required to succeed in project management capacities.
  4. Communicate effectively in various management situations.