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State Tuition Assistance

United Tribes Technical College

North Dakota National Guard State Tuition Waiver Program

United Tribes Technical College is proud to now offer State Tuition Assistance (STA) for soldiers and airmen of the North Dakota National Guard. This can be used in addtion to the GI Bill or Federal Tuition Assistance.


To Apply:

Students can access the application form on the GoArmy website if they are also applying for Federal Tuition Assistance, or by following the link here: ND Guard STA Application

The STA application must be turned in before the beginning of the term they are applying for.

For a copy of your class schedule and itemized tuituion bill, contact the Financial Aid Office.



Maintain a grade of ‘C’ or better in all enrolled courses.

Submit applicaiton prior to the first day of classes.


Please Note the Following:

  • Fees are not covered by the STA.
  • Students may not receive more than 100% of tuition in combined military based tuition benefits (FTA, Ch 33, STA tuition waiver, and STA state reimbursement).
  • Reimbursement check will be mailed to the address on the application. Please consider using a permanent address (such as a family member’s). If you use your current address, notify this office if you move to avoid delivery delays.
  • The Education Services Office will request information needed to process the state reimbursement directly from the schools. Unless you hear otherwise, you do not need to submit anything beyond the application.
  • If you become flagged PRIOR TO the first date of class (due to a failing PT test, height/weight, or other adverse action) then you are no longer eligible for STA. If you become flagged DURING the semester, you will still receive STA for Summer 2019 but will not be eligible for future semesters until the flag has been resolved.
  • If you seperate from the ND National Guard (including a state transfer) prior to the end of the semester, you will lose your eligibility for STA for summer 2019.


[Updated 5/1/19 – More information coming soon]