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Native American Tuition Waiver

United Tribes Technical College


  • Must be an enrolled member of a federally recognized American Indian Tribe
  • Must have a completed Admissions application on file by the deadline date
  • Must be full-time, degree seeking from United Tribes Technical College
  • UTTC employees are not eligible for this waiver
  • Students cannot be on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) warning or suspension

To Apply: Deadlines for consideration


Deadline for consideration: June 29 –Fall semester, November 2 – Spring semester, March 29 –Summer semester


The following documents must be completed and submitted to UTTC Admissions Office:

  • Admissions application and all required admissions documents
  • Native American Tuition Waiver Application
  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application and all required verification paperwork

Current/Returning students are required to meet application deadlines and the following:

  • Be pre-registered for classes prior to the approved deadlines
  • Completed FAFSA and submit all required verification paperwork
  • Must be SAP eligible; appeal paperwork must be in by the deadline

Please note the following:

  • The Admissions and Financial Aid departments will make the determination on who has successfully met the required deadlines.
  • This is a need based award, depending on FAFSA data and can be affected by other awards.
  • The tuition waiver will only cover one program of study at each level (i.e., one certificate, one associate degree, and one bachelor degree).

First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:

Date of Birth:







Student Status:

Current Student:

Have you completed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?

Are you currently an accepted student?


Tribal Affiliation:

Tribal Affiliation State:

Update a copy of your tribal enrollment papers. (Limit 10mb) (Only pdf or jpg)


My signature below certifies that I have read the information provided to me and I understand that I am not guaranteed a Native American Tuition Waiver. The information I have provided on this form is true to the best of my knowledge and I understand that any false or conflicting information will eliminate me from consideration for the Native American Tuition Waiver.

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