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Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

United Tribes Technical College

The Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Applied Science (AAS) degree program is designed to empower you to be a leader in addressing issues of food sovereignty for your community. Food sovereignty is the right to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods. The program includes technical training in food production, student-driven research, and co-creation of community engagement initiatives. Hands-on, experiential, transdisciplinary learning is emphasized through student engagement in the campus gardens and food system where students participate in developing food sovereignty strategies that can be trialed and learned from.

A degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems will prepare you for a broad range of careers and bachelor’s degree programs that have the potential to contribute to community food sovereignty: agricultural production and food system management, rural and urban community services, education and development, as well as careers in agricultural, environmental, and economic policy and analysis. Employers range from non-profit organizations, tribal, state and federal agencies, nature preserves, community organizations, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate fundamental skills of intensive-scale vegetable production
  2. Execute introductory research to address issues in sustainable agriculture and community food systems
  3. Develop and demonstrate skills in creating community engagement initiatives
  4. Analyze food system strategies based on social, ecological, economic and human health considerations
  5. Exhibit leadership skills in the field of sustainable agriculture and community food systems