Advance Placement Conditions & Course Equivalents

  1.  The student must be currently enrolled and seeking a degree for the AP credits to be recorded on the student’s transcript.
  2.  The student may not receive credit for both an AP exam and a college course taken before high school graduation covering the same subject matter.
  3.  AP exams are recorded as “AP” on the student’s academic record and are not calculated in the grade point average.
  4.  If an AP exam is taken more than once, only the highest score will be considered.
AP ExamMinimum Grad for Awarding CreditNumber of Semester CreditsUTTC Course(s) Equivalent
Art History33HUM 101
Biology34BIO 111 w/ lab
Calculus AB44MTH 107
Calculus BC44MTH 165
Chemistry44CHM 115 w/ lab
Computer Science Principles/A43CSC 101
Microeconomics33ECO 201
Macroeconomics33ECO 202
English Language and Composition33ENG 110
English Literature and Composition33ENG 110 and ENG 120*
United States Government and Politics33POL 115
Physics 1 or 2 – Algebra Based44PHY 211
Psychology33PHY 111
Statistics43MTH 210
U.S. History33HIS 103