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United Tribes Technical College

The Pre-engineering program provides a rigorous and affordable option for students interested in pursuing a career in Engineering. Students completing the first two years of the engineering program can transfer to our partner institutions, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and North Dakota State University. Small classes ensure personalized attention and extra tutoring when needed. Interactive modules are a focus of the program and include ROV submarines and 3D-printing. Students entering the program should be comfortable with mathematics or have a strong desire to learn math concepts in a fun and hands-on atmosphere.

Associate of Science

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Pre-Engineering AS degree program will:

  1. Employ appropriate technology to relevant applications.
  2. Integrate mechanics principles to solve engineering problems

Core Courses (21 Credits)

  • ENR 115 4cr. Intro to Engineering w/CAD
  • ENR 201 3cr. Statics
  • ENR 202 3cr. Dynamics
  • PHY 251 4cr. University Physics I
  • PHY 252 4cr. University Physics II
  • CHM 121 4cr. (w/lab) General Chemistry
  • CHM 122 4cr. (w/lab) General Chemistry II
  • MTH 105 3cr. Trigonometry
  • MTH 129 2cr. Basic Linear Algebra
  • MTH 165 4cr. Calculus
  • MTH 166 4cr. Calculus II
  • MTH 265 4cr. Calculus III

Fall Semester

Course CodeDescriptionCredits
ENR 115Intro to Engineering w/CAD4
ENR 202Dynamics3
PHY 252University Physics II4
MTH 105Trigonometry3

Spring Semester

Course CodeDescriptionCredits
ENR 115Intro to Engineering w/CAD4
ENR 201Statics3
PHY 251University Physics I4
MTH 129Basic Linear Algebra2