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General Studies

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General Studies

Students completing the General Studies Associate of Science (AS) degree will gain a broad knowledge and transferable skills in multiple disciplines.

Coursework will meet General Education requirements for most Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at the certificate and AAS levels. This program with Native American studies focus is designed to help students, in particularly Native America students, prepare for success and leadership in the global workforce, military service, Tribal government, or in continued higher education.

Program Outcomes

UTTC’s general education student learning outcomes are embedded across the curriculum in all degrees, one diploma, and select certificate programs. The five General Education course outcomes are assessed in the General Studies degree program requirements.

Upon completion of their program of study, students will:

  1. Utilize mathematics to solve problems
  2. Examine the nature of human expression and/or artistic creativity
  3. Apply scientific concepts and methods of inquiry
  4. Apply concepts, principles, and methods of inquiry in social sciences
  5. Demonstrate cohesive communication skills
  6. Demonstrate technical proficiency at college-level writing
  7. Demonstrate information literacy
  8. Demonstrate technological literacy

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Lisa Cantlon
General Studies Chair/Instructor

Location: Skill Center (Bldg. 200)
Phone: 701.221.1589

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