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UTTC’s Pre-Engineering Associate of Science (AS) degree program provides a rigorous and affordable option for students interested in pursuing a career in Engineering. Small classes ensure personalized attention and extra tutoring when needed. Interactive modules are a focus of the program and include topics such as ROV submarines and 3D-printing.

When you graduate from a pre-engineering associate degree program, you have the potential to begin a career as an engineering technician. An electrical engineer will design a computer motherboard, or an industrial engineer will create a new productivity measurement, and their respective technicians will assist them with specific areas of the design or creation process as well as implementation and maintenance of the tools created. Ultimately, engineering technicians specialize in focused areas, including quality control, testing, inspection, installation and repair of tools and products created by engineers and scientists.

Students entering the program should be comfortable with mathematics or have a strong desire to learn math concepts in a challenging but supportive atmosphere. The AS degree is designed to transfer to Engineering bachelor’s degree programs at institutions such as North Dakota State University, the University of North Dakota, and South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the UTTC Pre-Engineering AS degree program will:

  1. Employ technology for engineering applications
  2. Solve mechanics problems
  3. Articulate the ethical responsibility of engineers
  4. Derive units for successful problem solving
  5. Conduct introductory scientific research

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Alexa Azure
Pre-Engineering Instructor

Location: Science & Tech Building
Phone: 701.221.1395

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