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United Tribes Technical College

What is the Next Generation ACCUPLACER Test?

The Next Generation ACCUPLACER is a computer-based placement tool designed to provide placement and advising information for new students entering college. The ACCUPLACER is required for placement in Reading, Math, English and Technology. The results aid the student’s Academic Advisor in determining which courses the student will best flourish.

Who Needs to Take the Next Generation ACCUPLACER Test?

New students who do not have ACT scores from the past five years will need to take the ACCUPLACER test. Transfer students are not required to take the tests if they have successfully completed college courses in English, Math and Technology.

How can I prepare for the Next Generation ACCUPLACER?

Students can study anytime, anywhere with the free ACCUPLACER study app. The study app offers sample questions with explanations for both correct and incorrect answers.

When preparing to take the ACCUPLACER at UTTC, choose the Next Generation ACCUPLACER Test Version to practice.

What can I expect at test time?

At UTTC the Accuplacer includes:

  • Reading: Multiple-choice questions related to reading skills, such as identifying the main idea and making inferences.
  • Math: Multiple-choice questions that measure a student’s understanding of math. As a student answers more questions correctly, the more advanced the questions may become, including some Algebra questions.
  • Writing: An assessment of conventions of Standard Written English sentence structure, usage, and punctuation.
  • Computer Skills: Assesses students’ competency in basic computer skills and helps institutions place students in the correct computer skills courses or waive a computer skills requirement.

There are a set number of questions in each section to pinpoint a student’s skill level. The test is not timed and students are encouraged to take plenty of time for each question. The average testing time is one hour.

How to schedule a test?

ACCUPLACER testing takes place during New Student Welcome (Orientation). Please visit with the Admissions Office to discuss available test times.