Addiction Studies

UTTC to Minot State University

Minot State University and United Tribes Technical College have created an agreement for students who earn their Associate of Science at UTTC to transfer to Minot State and enter the addiction studies program.

Students will need to take the UTTC General Education Requirements to receive their AS and transfer into MSU’s Addiction Studies program.

Communications (9 credits)
* UTTC General Education Requirement
** Requires a prerequisite
Course NumberTitle Credits
COM 110Fundamentals of Public Speaking*3
ENG 110Composition I*3
ENG 120Composition II*3
Arts & Humanities (9 credits) – All Electives
Social Sciences (9 credits) – All Electives
Math, Science & Technology (18 credits)
* UTTC General Education Requirement
** Requires a prerequisite
Minot State Program Requirements
Course NumberTitle Credits
CSC 101Introduction to Computers*3
MTH 102Intermediate Algebra*3
BIO 150 w/ LAB 150General Biology4
MTH 210Elementary Statistics**3
Institutional Specific (campus-based only)
* UTTC General Education Requirement
Course NumberTitle Credits
FND 106First Year Exp. & Healthy Living*2
Required Program Core Courses (15 credits)
Minot State Program Requirements
Course NumberTitle Credits
HSS 260Alcohol and Drug Use in American Sobriety3
HSS 244Addiction to Counseling3
PSY 111Intro to Psychology3
PSY 250Developmental Psychology3
PSY 270Abnormal Psychology3

After graduating from UTTC with their AS in General Studies the student will transfer to Minot State to earn their Bachelor of Science in Addiction Studies.

Graduating with an addiction studies degree requires a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the required addiction studies major courses.

Students must complete 60 credits at a four-year university and 30 credits to from Minot State. Students must have 120 total credit hours to graduate with their Bachelor of Science degree from MSU.

The AS from UTTC will complete 60 of the 120 credit requirements. Once at MSU students will take the MSU Addiction Studies Required Courses to fulfill the remaining 60 credits.

Required MSU CourseCredit
ENGL 315 Professional and Technical Writing3
HMS 203 Health Care Through the Life Span3
MHA 297 Practicum2
MHA 338 Professional Relations and Ethics3
MHA 344 Dynamics of Addiction3
MHA 349 Psychopharmacology3
MHA 423 Intro to Counseling3
MHA 424 Advanced Counseling3
MHA 476 Group Dynamics3
MHA 485 Practicum15
PSY 112 Foundations of Psychology3
PSY 261 Psychology of Adjustment3
PSY 379 Psychology of Adult and Aging3
PSY 411 Introduction to Personality Theories3
PSY 465 Physiological Psychology3
SOC 201 Social Problems3
SWK 340 Social Welfare Policy3

After graduating with their Bachelor of Science from MSU, students must complete 960 hours of training with one of the state’s consortiums. The training can be undertaken during matriculation at MSU. Once coursework is complete, students become eligible to take the licensure exam. Once students pass the license exam and successfully complete the training hours, they are eligible to become a licensed addiction counselor (LAC).