Transferring Out

To ensure a smooth transition to another college, students are encouraged to meet with the Transfer Coordinator once they have made the decision that they will transfer out.

The Transfer Coordinator will help students through the other college’s application process and evaluate which UTTC courses may be accepted for transfer credit at said college. Ultimately, it is the decision of the other college on which courses will be accepted for transfer credit.

As part of the transfer process, students seeking to transfer credit earned at UTTC to another college must submit a signed Transcript Request Form to the UTTC Transfer Coordinator at Signed requests are necessary to send transcripts. The Transfer Coordinator will send transcripts within three days of receiving the signed request to the college or colleges indicated on the Transcript Request Form.

Transferring students should indicate a specific person or office to which the transcripts should be sent whenever possible. Students who want their transcripts to include certificates and degrees earned must request their transcripts be sent after the appropriate graduation date for those certificates and degrees.

UTTC will not send transcripts for students who have outstanding financial or property obligations to the college. All obligations to the college must be cleared before transcripts will be sent.

Transfer credit granted by other colleges will be governed by the policies and procedures of those colleges. All colleges and universities have their own policies for accepting transfer credits.

Reverse Transfer Initiative

The UTTC Registrar’s Office supports the North Dakota University System’s (“NDUS”) 407.0 Reverse Transfer initiative to assist students who have transferred from UTTC and are currently enrolled at a NDUS university by offering an additional opportunity to complete an associate degree. This initiative applies to former students from North Dakota public or tribal colleges who completed at least 36 credits while at the College but transferred prior to completing an associate degree. UTTC will work with the colleges and universities to develop a process for qualified students to apply for and be granted this degree. The Reverse Transfer initiative does not apply to baccalaureate degrees.

Students who have transferred to a NDUS university or other TCU from UTTC will be eligible to complete an associate degree through the reverse transfer of completed coursework. Meaning that if the student takes the courses required to complete the degree they were pursuing at UTTC at their current college, then those credits would be counted towards the UTTC degree.

Eligible students will have completed at least 36 semester hours at UTTC without completing an associate degree prior to transfer to another TCU or an NDUS university.