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General Education

United Tribes Technical College

Students completing the General Studies Associate of Science (AS) degree will gain broad knowledge and transferable skills in multiple disciplines.

Coursework will meet General Education requirements for most Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at the certificate and AAS levels. This program with Native American studies focus is designed to help students, in particularly Native America students, prepare for success and leadership in the global workforce, military service, Tribal government, or in continued higher education.

The Program Outcomes for the General Studies AS degree are referred to as the “Institutional Learner Outcomes.

Program Outcomes

A graduate of UTTC will be able to:

  1. Exhibit effective oral and written communication. (Communication)
  2. Analyze information from diverse sources. (Critical Thinking)
  3. Develop solutions to mathematical and scientific problems (Quantitative & Scientific
  4. Demonstrate skills necessary for living and working in a global society. (Personal &
    Social Responsibility)