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Environmental Science & Research

United Tribes Technical College

The Tribal Environmental Science (TES) department offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Environmental Science & Research. We focus on providing students with the skills necessary for careers in environmental fields and going on to graduate school in science fields.

Environmental Science recognizes that the challenges facing the world today are bigger than just one field of Science and that by studying the connections between fields, we can begin to make a more sustainable society.

The department offers degrees which are in line with other programs in the state, making it easy for students to transfer seamlessly to other institutions. Students have the opportunity to compete in national competitions across the country, networking with other students and scientists from various companies, agencies, and institutions.

Environmental Science provides students with a well-rounded foundation in Biology, Chemistry, Range Management, and Geology. Students use research investigations to learn core concepts and develop skills for addressing environmental issues in their own communities.

Students are provided the opportunity to work closely with state, federal, and Tribal agencies (many of which have regional offices in Bismarck) on research projects of their choosing. Students entering the program should have a good background in math and science or a strong desire to learn math and science concepts in a fun and hands-on atmosphere.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Environmental Science & Research AAS degree program will:

  1. Identify various factors from different disciplines that impact environmental issues.
  2. Execute introductory research to address an environmental issue.
  3. Employ the scientific communication format to present projects.
  4. Articulate the benefits of collaboration and professional networks.

Students in the BS program will receive advanced training in one of two concentrations: Ecology & Conservation Biology or Molecular Biology. Graduates from the program work in EPA, water resources, and Game & Fish departments, environmental consulting firms, private industry, or move on to higher degrees in Biology, Natural Resource Management, Conservation Sciences, or Wildlife Biology.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Environmental Science & Research BS degree program will:

  1. Operate independently.
  2. Mitigate sources of risks or hazards in the work environment.
  3. Exhibit professionalism.
  4. Explain the legal structure for environmental regulations.
  5. Employ critical thinking.

Course Offerings

Fall Offerings

Course CodeDescriptionCredits
BIO 124Environmental Science3
BIO 230Ecology4
GIS 105Intro to GIS3
TES 199Intro to Scientific Lit1
TES 291Environmental Seminar1
TES 293Environmental Research3
BIO 312Evolution3
BIO 315Intro to Genetics3
CHM 341Organic Chemistry w/Lab4
SOI 210Intro to Soil Science w/Lab4
TES 493Senior Research3
TES 491Environmental Seminar1
BIO 320*Botany and Plant Systematics3
BIO 431*Wildlife Management & Restoration w/Lab4
BIO 336*Mycology3

Spring Offerings

Course CodeDescriptionCredits
BIO 203Microbiology w/Lab4
BIO 316Advanced Genetics3
MTH 342Environmental Research Statistics3
BIO 410Environmental Regulations3
BIO 460Advanced Cell Biology3
CHM 360Biochemistry w/Lab4
TES 491Seminar1
TES 493Senior Research3
TES 256*Intro to Range Management3
TES 260*Environmental Sampling3
BIO 415*Genomics3
BIO 499*Special Topics2