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Environmental Science & Research

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Environmental Science & Research

(AS) The Environmental Science and Research program lays the foundation for understanding natural systems and human effects on those systems. A focus on applying scientific concepts to address today’s environmental questions provides students with the skills to work in a variety of careers or move seamlessly into advanced degrees. Upon completion, graduates of the associate’s program will be prepared for employment for such jobs as Agricultural, Environmental, and Lab Technicians. Graduates of the bachelor’s degree will be prepared for a career as an Environmental Scientist, Environmental Analyst, Environmental Health Specialist, Ecologist, Hydrologist, Environmental Policy/Law, Environmental Journalist, Forensic Scientist, Natural Resource Managers, Molecular Ecologists, and a host of other related careers.

(BS) Students in the BS program will receive advanced training in one of two concentrations: Ecology & Conservation Biology or Molecular Biology. Graduates from the program work in EPA, water resources, and Game & Fish departments, environmental consulting firms, private industry, or move on to higher degrees in Biology, Natural Resource Management, Conservation Sciences, or Wildlife Biology.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the UTTC Environmental Science & Research AS degree program will:

  1. Analyze factors that impact environmental issues.
  2. Execute introductory research to address an environmental issue.
  3. Employ the scientific communication format to present projects.
  4. Interact with professionals in the STEM fields.

Graduates of the UTTC Environmental Science & Research BS degree program will:

  1. Use multiple perspectives to evaluate environmental questions.
  2. Apply mathematical concepts to find solutions to real-world problems.
  3. Synthesize scientific concepts and data, social dynamics, and cultural context to formulate sustainable solutions to environmental issues.
  4. Defend an original research project.

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