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Brand Guidelines

United Tribes Technical College

United Tribes Technical College's Registered Logo

The United Tribes Technical College’s logo is a visual element in the identity scheme of the college. Though it is the cornerstone, only the consistent application of the logo, coupled by the chosen colors and selected type styles, gives the public a memorable vision of the college. Inconsistent messages could be confusing and could be damaging to the college. Consistency, the core of effective communication, cannot
be overdone.

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

Monogram Logo

United Tribes Technical College's Colors

In terms of consistency and identity, color plays a key role in building recognition. Use of United Tribes Technical College official colors is critical when reproducing the college logos.

Reversing the logo can be accomplished by using a solid color as the background and knocking out the logo in white.


  • PantoneĀ® 7427 Coated
  • Hex #971b2f
  • RGB 151, 27, 47
  • CMYK 26, 100, 81, 24


  • Standard Black
  • Hex #231f20
  • RGB 35, 31, 32
  • CMYK 0, 0, 0, 100