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Career Services

United Tribes Technical College

What is Career Services?

  • Most college students really have no idea what they want to do with their lives when they start college. This is perfectly normal and happens all the time.
  • Some students come to college and think they know what degree they want to pursue but then change their minds. Changing degree programs in college at least once is also quite common.
  • The purpose of Career Services at United Tribes Technical College is to help each one of our students define their own life vision and then connect them with the resources they need to help make their vision a reality.

What does a Career Counselor do?

  • A Career Counselor will help you decide which academic program you should pursue in college to get the job or career that is the right fit for you.
  • The Career Counselor will help you develop all of the skills you need to get your first job after graduating from UTTC.
  • If you plan to continue your education after graduation from UTTC, the Career Counselor will guide you through the process of transferring to a university.
To schedule a career counseling appointment, please call 701.221.1863 or stop by Career Services in the upper level of the Jack Barden Center, in Enrollment Services.

One-On-One Career Counseling Sessions Covering:

  • Exploring the certificate, diploma and degree options at UTTC
  • Assessment of individual skills, interests, values and personality type
  • Exploring careers that match your goals and interests
  • Resume and cover letter writing development
  • Interviewing skills
  • Internship and job shadowing placements
  • Job search strategies
  • Challenge and placement testing
  • Transferring to other colleges after graduation

Career Related Workshops:

  • Choosing a Major & Career
  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing
  • Interviewing with Confidence
  • Transitioning from College to the Workforce
  • Career Field/Major Specific Workshops (upon request)

Other Career Counselor Duties:

  • Choosing a Major & Career
  • Coordinating the fall and spring UTTC Career Fairs
  • Graduation survey
  • Placement data