Basketball Tournaments (Youth, Adult, Memorial, etc.)
Rental per Day – $300
Custodial Fee per Day – $150
Concessions Fee per Day – $100.

If group serves own concessions your group must get approval and follow catering guidelines on page six.

Gym use Guidelines:

  1. Rental includes the use of Gym, 2 sets of bleachers, and 1 table for admission. Area for concessions (if needed and approved), benches for teams, scorer’s table and scoreboard.
  2. No cans of pop or glass bottles may be served.
  3. Rental Fees must be paid in advance.
  4. Damage Deposit – $100

Individual Days of Basketball (Youth, Adult, sanctioned or non-sanctioned)

Rental per Half-Day (1-4 hours) – $150
Rental per Full Day (5-9 hours) – $250
Additional Hours (greater than 9 hours) – $50 per hour
Custodial Fee – $50

Gym use Guidelines:

  1. Rental includes the use of Gym, 1 set of bleachers, scorer’s table and scoreboard, 1 admissions table.
  2. No concessions may be served on Individual Days for Basketball
  3. Fees must be paid in advance.
  4. What will UTTC cover for “custodial services” (be available on the day of the event, keep bathrooms clean, wipe up spills, empty garbage containers, open authorized doors, assist with clean up)?
  5. Damage Deposit – $100
  6. No locker rooms or weight rooms would be accessible.
  7. Rental Agreement…specific items like backboards, bleachers, chairs, scorer’s table, etc.

Use of Gym for Practices – $10 per hour

Contact Athletics Director 701.221.1362

Rental Cost Full day $100 / Half day $50
Contact Theodore Jamerson Elementary School Administrative Assistant 701.221.1842