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Environmental Science & Research

United Tribes Technical College

The Environmental Science and Research program lays the foundation for understanding natural systems and human effects on those systems. A focus on applying scientific concepts to address today’s environmental questions provides students with the skills to work in a variety of career or move seamlessly into advanced degrees.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the UTTC Environmental Science & Research AS degree program will:

  1. Identify various factors from different disciplines that impact environmental issues.
  2. Execute introductory research to address an environmental issue.
  3. Employ the scientific communication format to present projects.
  4. Articulate the benefits of collaboration and professional networks.

Graduates of the UTTC Environmental Science & Research BS degree program will:

  1. Operate independently.
  2. Mitigate sources of risks or hazards in the work environment.
  3. Exhibit professionalism.
  4. Explain the legal structure of environmental regulations.
  5. Employ critical thinking.