Faces of UTTC: SaNoah LaRocque

By: Kaley Schwab, Communications Specialist

Bismarck, N.D. – On a gray overcast day, SaNoah LaRocque was listening to Dakota Good House finish the last few lines of his lecture.

Just before books were closed and pencils were put away, I spoke to LaRocque about life at United Tribes Technical College (UTTC).

Though it’s LaRocque’s first semester at UTTC, she is no stranger to college life.

She began her college career at Harvard University three years ago.

“I’m taking a gap year from Harvard. I’m interning for Senator Heitkamp this fall,” LaRocque says.

In between stumping for the senator, LaRocque, originally from the Turtle Mountains, came to UTTC for something she could not find in those ivy-covered halls.

“At Harvard, we don’t have any Native faculty or any Native history classes and so my major motivation in coming to United Tribes was just the emphasis on Native education and building the leaders of Indian Country of tomorrow,” LaRocque says.

LaRocque herself is one of those leaders.

Not only is she taking Native history, but she is also taking on the classes that will prepare her for her next big goal, to become Dr. LaRocque.

But until then, LaRocque says she’s grateful for her time here at UTTC.

“I want to thank everybody who’s helped me come to the decision to be a student at United Tribes – I feel like I’m a part of something really special here,” LaRocque says.

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