Faces of UTTC: Ebony Schultz

By: Kaley Schwab, Communications Specialist

Pots are clanging, whisks are flying, and Ebony Schultz is cracking her last egg when I walk into the UTTC kitchen.

Schultz, a first-year Culinary Arts and Nutrition student says this is where she feels most creative and most at home.

“[Cooking is] what I really love doing, and I guess, I was a really young mother and one of the things I told myself is that I always want to provide for my children and this is one of the main ways,” Schultz says.

Now, as a culinary student, she is taking her passion for cooking and making it a career.

“It’s creative and you get a tasty end result,” Schultz says.

But her main motivation to begin her classes here, at UTTC, has always been her kids.

“I felt like it’s more of a family than it’s a community,” Schultz says. “I felt like I fit in more here.”

Finding the place she belongs the moment she stepped into the kitchen.

“It’s a stress reliever for me and I feel good at the end of the project because you make something out of nothing,” Schultz says.


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