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Follow our post to learn more about traditional gardening practices from UTTC’s Agroecology Technician Robert Fox.

In his first video, Robert explains planting, organizing, and traditional harvesting practices.

Watch Robert’s video below, and stay tuned for more traditional gardening videos!

UTTC Campus Garden

UTTC Campus GardenEach year, Land Grant plants a campus garden. Garden produce is available to all UTTC community members. Check your email for updates on when and where you can pick up produce! Wondering what to do with the vegetables in your produce basket? You can...

All About Garlic

Garlic: From Scapes to Storage Garlic is one of the few plants with two harvest seasons. Garlic scapes are harvested in the spring to early summer. Garlic bulbs are harvested later in the summer, to early fall. What are Garlic Scapes?Garlic scapes are the stem and...

Student Gardening

Student Gardening

One of UTTC's criminal justice student living on campus planted a raised garden with the help of her daughters. The plants were provided by the Land Grant department. The family is excited to watch them grow and even more excited to eat fresh vegetables! Ready to...