Shanaye Packineau (Three Affiliated Tribes)

My name is Shanaye Packineau-Williams (Three Affiliated Tribes) and I am from Parshall, ND. I currently reside in Arizona with my husband Naaman Williams, and our three children: Isabella (11), Hooper (6), and Shooter (3).

I graduated from UTTC in December 2015 with a BS degree in Elementary Education. After graduation, I immediately started teaching in my hometown of Parshall, as a 4th grade teacher. While teaching in Parshall, I was offered a job in Arizona to teach at a K-8 elementary school for the 2016 school year.

I am currently teaching in Arizona, as a 6th grade math teacher, at Sunset Hills Elementary School. I have been teaching in this position since August 2016. Along with teaching, I am furthering my education right now to get my Masters in Educational Administration with the hope of going home someday to serve my community and the youth.

UTTC students: Keep following your dreams. Do not let anything get in your way. UTTC is such a great school that accommodates not only its students, but also their families. I am proud to say that I am the teacher I am today because of the guidance and love that I received while at UTTC.